Picture of Dragon Claw
This style bracelet is not my own design. This design was originally created by Mathias Agnello along with many others. Thank you Trelligan for that information.

This Dragon Claw Bracelet was made for my son. With patience, it is fairly easy to make. Just take your time, and breath.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
I used 2 colors for this bracelet. I don't cut my paracord to size. I use the whole cord then cut off what's not needed at the end. This saves me more cord for later use and less scraps.

Jig(if you have one, it's much easier), scissors, lighter, crochet needle(I don't have a fid yet), 3/8 buckle, sowing needle, and thread(ideally same color as your cord).

Step 2: Thread the needle

Picture of Thread the needle
Thread the needle and tie a knot at the open end of the thread. Leave yourself a few inches at least to work with.

Step 3: Combining cords.

Picture of Combining cords.
Pull out about an inch of the inner strands of each cord and cut them off.

With a lighter, use the blue section of the flame for a more controlled burn, and slightly melt the end of 1 of the paracords. Then quickly shape the melted part into a dome.

Take the same cord once done, and insert it into the other cord where you cut out the strands. Try to insert it the whole inch.

Using the blue part of the flame melt the end of the outer cord and smooth it along the cord that's inserted.

With your threaded needle, stitch the inch section of cord where they attached. After you first push the needle through the cord, pass the needle through the 2 threads between the knot and cord. Make as many stitches as you are comfortable with. Tie off ends when done. I also burn off the extra thread.
Trelligan1 year ago

This is an excellent demonstration of how to write an instructable. Clear pictures illustrating every point, clear text explaining not only what but why.

You have a follower.

Wink79 (author)  Trelligan1 year ago

Thank you! This was my first one!

rjohnson9 made it!2 months ago
thanks for the instuctable. very easy to follow.
Wink79 (author)  rjohnson92 months ago
You're welcome!
b5919412015 months ago
ok very good
jrestko1 year ago
This design was originally created by Mathias Agnello along with many others. Here is a link to a few more of his designs
Wink79 (author)  jrestko1 year ago
Thank you for the info. I found a lot of conflicting info when I originally looked. Thank you for the link as well!
ccorn1 year ago
This is the one that I finally got around to making. Thanks for the instructions. (:
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nit_ram21 year ago
Dude, I've been trying to make one of these for the longest. Great work and precise instructions. Can't wait to get started on mine. Maybe I'll put a nail on a board put measurements like you, and go to town. Peace brother!!!!
jrohr11 year ago

For people's reference:

Made a 8.75" bracelet this way, used 14 ft of cord and had just barely a foot left. Leave the strand that doesn't cross the 2 runner cores or the border strand as he called it, about 8" longer as it will shorten quicker!

wdsims631 year ago

Great instructions. I like it. I'm going to make one with some black and camouflage cord I have.

I don't have a jig, but would be interested in making one. Is there an instructable for that as well? (either yours or someone else's is fine.)

Wink79 (author)  wdsims631 year ago

I haven't had time to do an instructable for a jig yet. You might be better off doing a search on it. I had kept a drawer from a broken dresser that I was throwing out and used the back wall piece to make mine.


Wink79 (author)  vladivastok1 year ago

Thank you! Its a crochet needle I long term barrowed from my girlfriend!

Technically, it's a knitting needle and a crochet hook. Crochet needle is a little confusing terminology.

Either way, it does what it is supposed to do. You mentioned fid twice, what is that?

Wink79 (author)  wdsims631 year ago

Yup, it works out good for me! My terminology with knitting or sewing stuff is way off!

A fid is like a needle but meant for paracord. The paracord kind of screws into the base of the fid(the hollowed base has threads inside of it), and you use it to help with the tight spots.

Gomex191 year ago

FREAKING LOVE IT. and totally stealing moms crocheting hook... XD

tlcrn1 year ago

Awesome! Now, how about an instructable for the jig? Looks pretty cool, as well!

Wink79 (author)  tlcrn1 year ago
The jig wasn't too hard to make. I'll try to post an instructable on it when some time frees up.

I'll add my vote for the Jig Instructable too - would make life sooooo much easier.

Nice instructable, thanks

Sanatas1 year ago

very nice! :)

Wink79 (author)  Sanatas1 year ago

Thanks! That was number 2 of 4 Dragon Claw Bracelets lol

Nice one
Wink79 (author)  utest_gvasilak1 year ago

Thank you!

utest_9871 year ago
fine super
new one
Wink79 (author)  utest_9871 year ago

Thank you both!

it's true
nice one