Picture of Dragon Costume
My Halloween costume this year was a dragon, inspired by Ysera in World of Warcraft. I created all the costume pieces, including the prosthetics. This project definitely consumed all my free time for the past 3 months and it took about 6 hours to get myself ready when I wore it. But it was all worth it just so I could be a dragon!

Step 1: Reference and Sketch

Picture of Reference and Sketch
I start all my costumes with reference images and sketching. I took most of my inspiration from Ysera, a dragon in World of Warcraft. I highly recommend doing a quick sketch, even if you think you're bad at drawing. It's amazing how much it helps as a reference while you work.
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BreannaC (author) 11 months ago
Wow! Thank you so much to everyone for the amazing compliments!!! I am completely blown away. I'm so sorry I haven't had a moment to respond to everyone, but know that I'm so flattered by it all. Thank you!
sohotshe761 month ago


Any recommendations for a body suit brand?


renlish11 month ago

Saw you at DragonCon 2014 at the last costume contest in this - I thought you were bloody brilliant!!

ALECIALLEY5 months ago

Amazing... Just Wowwww

cepperson8 months ago

This is amazing. I have wanted to do something like this for so long but have known nothing of prosthetics. Can I ask how you made your wonderful talon covers for your high heels??

Kion Designs10 months ago
I am stunned!!
poofrabbit11 months ago
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween costume contest! Can’t wait to see if you win good luck! I love love love this costume!
NinjAmin55411 months ago
This is astonishing, would have loved to see it in person. Amazing work
wilgubeast11 months ago
Maleficent! I love the wings.
PhilKE3FL11 months ago
Incredible I agree, Very well done! But, what I don't understand is the need for high heels. :)
The Rambler11 months ago
This is definitely incredible.
You Rock! Best ever!
iceng11 months ago
Elegant costume .... Favorited and voted you.

That is an amazing amount of effort and planing to make this outfit

evacooper11 months ago
wow that is an amazing costume! whenever ppl make something so elaborate i have to comment, i don't think i'll ever have that much dedication...
HollyHarken11 months ago
WOW!!! Fantast costume. I'm wondering where you got the talons and how you made the shoes.
-chase-11 months ago
Hey Breanna,

A couple things.

Firstly glad to see in your area they still actually celebrate Halloween. Here in S Florida Halloween is all but a memory of Holidays not celebrated anymore. Let alone anyone dresses up or decorates for... I so miss the fun and costume parties and contests and seeing what people would wear that night... such is life in S Florida i guess.

Secondly - HOLY SMOKING DRAGONS! Your costume is totally bitchin' !!! Last time I saw one that good was a freind of mine that came as Pin Head. His costume was spot on to the movie. He won all the contests in the club curcuit. that year.

So thanx for the instructable and sharing your costume build - you did a freakin great job! and what a pose for it! And the memories of good times now gone.

I hope you had a great time Halloween night.
take care.

bahi11 months ago
Wow indeed
JoeStrout11 months ago
OMG. That's amazing! Really fantastic work!
jeandr11 months ago
Fantastic work!
xenomorph15011 months ago
You're such an cute dragon!
Awesome work! ^-^!
filtercages11 months ago
I wouldn't like to meet you on a dark night in that get-up! (or in the day to be honest!)
Just about the scariest I've seen.
askjerry11 months ago
Awesome just does not cover how great this is!

Excellent job, great instructable!

Boomshadow11 months ago
Very nicely done! I am impressed not only by the craft, but also by how well you laid out the steps.
thebluebulk11 months ago
that is sooo awesome! great job!! dragons aren't my thing but you made it HOT :-)
Those heels with the claws really make that look just awesome!
Your results are unbelievable! Have you done costumes for movies or theatricals?
papa-g11 months ago
You did incredible work, If someone needs a costume designer, I would recommend you.
Lord_Pruitt11 months ago
truly awesome work!
Honus11 months ago
Holy cow that is amazing!
Gregbot11 months ago
Wow! Super job! Thanks!!!
bespenship11 months ago
Amazing costume! I appreciate your sharing your process; though, I lack your artistic skill to reproduce your results.
Natalina11 months ago
Wow, that is amazing. Awesome work!
That is extremely amazing! Wonderful work :D
Robokidd_0011 months ago
Your pure genius and creativity is inspiring!!!
Lectric Wizard11 months ago
stubbsonic11 months ago
Beautiful work. You win.
KraftyKrew11 months ago
How did you do the shoes? They are really cool.
doodlecraft11 months ago
Amazing--Love it! :)
Mindmapper111 months ago
soooooo coool!
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