The 9 month Halloween costume construction project this year is an "international" dragon. I got fact-checked that Chinese dragons don't have wings or three toes. I hope you enjoy the photo shoot with fireworks at a Chinese garden. Nicest groundskeeper EVER. Thanks to Jean-Marcus Strole for the great photography. http://jean-marcus.com/

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Step 1: Design

I wanted a costume that could combine a great articulated wing design from a fellow Instructables user, shoot steam and possibly utilize stilts. Dragon seemed to fit the requirements. Here were some starting designs you can leverage during your build.
<p>How did you make the arms and legs? Are they just a shirt and pants or an extension of the materials you used on the hands and feet?</p>
<p>LOVE this! I will be more specific, what are the measurements for the HEAD? Thanks : ) </p>
Probably 3'long and 18&quot; high
<p>What were the measurements you used?</p>
like I said, what measurements are you talking about? wings?
<p>What were the measurements you used?</p>
Which measurements are you referring to?
Sick. And nicely staged photos too.
This is amazing! <br>So awesome
Gorgeous! Beautifully designed and made. And I'm thrilled that you could use my wing design :)
You saved me a LOT of time. Enough in fact that it allowed me to sneak in 4 extra costumes for friends. We owe you one. <br>
Seriously amazing. Regardless of the &quot;facts&quot;, this is work of art!!
Ha. Who needs facts :) I went with what I &quot;felt&quot; a chinese dragon should look like I guess.
Amazing! It is truly a piece of art
That is really awesome!
THIS IS AMAZING!!! A work of art ... I really enjoyed the variety of techniques you used to build it. Thanks for sharing !!

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