The 9 month Halloween costume construction project this year is an "international" dragon. I got fact-checked that Chinese dragons don't have wings or three toes. I hope you enjoy the photo shoot with fireworks at a Chinese garden. Nicest groundskeeper EVER. Thanks to Jean-Marcus Strole for the great photography. http://jean-marcus.com/

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Step 1: Design

I wanted a costume that could combine a great articulated wing design from a fellow Instructables user, shoot steam and possibly utilize stilts. Dragon seemed to fit the requirements. Here were some starting designs you can leverage during your build.
Super Kopf für unseren Drachen ?
<p>How did you make the arms and legs? Are they just a shirt and pants or an extension of the materials you used on the hands and feet?</p>
<p>LOVE this! I will be more specific, what are the measurements for the HEAD? Thanks : ) </p>
Probably 3'long and 18&quot; high
<p>What were the measurements you used?</p>
like I said, what measurements are you talking about? wings?
<p>What were the measurements you used?</p>
Which measurements are you referring to?
Sick. And nicely staged photos too.
This is amazing! <br>So awesome
Gorgeous! Beautifully designed and made. And I'm thrilled that you could use my wing design :)
You saved me a LOT of time. Enough in fact that it allowed me to sneak in 4 extra costumes for friends. We owe you one. <br>
Seriously amazing. Regardless of the &quot;facts&quot;, this is work of art!!
Ha. Who needs facts :) I went with what I &quot;felt&quot; a chinese dragon should look like I guess.
Amazing! It is truly a piece of art
That is really awesome!
THIS IS AMAZING!!! A work of art ... I really enjoyed the variety of techniques you used to build it. Thanks for sharing !!

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