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If you are watching GOT series I know you're a big fan of khaleesi and her dragons. I made this DIY project for gift to my dude so If you wanna give gift like this or want like this. Just fellow my instructions and its easy BTW it took me 3days to finish this project but anyway I finished and it looks nice.


1. Dragon egg like shell

2. Artificial leather

3. Glitters/ Markers

4. Glues

Enjoy the crafting by DIY.

Step 1: Selecting the Eggshell

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Choosing the right egg is one of the biggest challenge I faced and I don't wanna create one(Why keep reinventing the wheel..,its already out there) so I chose a Kids toy, Its an nesting egg.

or else you can pick one from easter egg but its cost more but mine its less. I pick the big one and it fits perfectly for my Dragon egg project as you can see from the picture the big orange one.

One of the coolest thing is it's open-able so that I can put my things in and close it.

or else you can put some cool gift in it and give it to your people.

Step 2: Dragon Skin Texture

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The dragon egg shell needed its dragon skin texture so that I chose artificial leather bag to give its look.

Cut the leather into small pieces like 4cm each and to get the texture of the skin, It need leaf shape in size. Make those kinda pieces like 60-80 in quantity and after cutting the leafs into pieces make sure every pieces is same in size.

Step 3: Gluing

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After the leather works is done. Guess what! Gluing! It's easy to do. All you need is patience and it may take some time to dry but make sure you are placing the right leaf one by one else the egg will be chaos but you can patch the gap when its get shrinking at the top of the egg but any way the dragon skill texture will be good at end!

My egg was open-able so it need some space to get close the top and the bottom thats why I made some gap to close but the finial touch was amazing!

Step 4:

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I added some glitter inside and it looks like silver shining texture and darker shades in inside. Its like glowing stars in the middle of the night and its nice texture too.

Step 5: Output

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The output was amazing!


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2017-06-25

Awesome! This would make a much cooler kind of Easter egg hunt.

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