Step 16: The Finished Dragon Egg...

And it's done! The dragon has hatched!
<p>thank you this is a very cool instructable here is my own attempt they are almost puppet like!</p>
<p>That is awesome! Yep, they do remind me of puppets. They never made it to Instructables, but a couple paper mache puppets were a couple of my later projects!</p>
Okay so WOW!!! Really nice work and just what I was looking for to help my 13 yr old daughter. Since you are obviously a master at this can you tell me or give me some advice on what would happen if I used glue instead of the flour and water glue mix? Will i get a too smooth texture to the dragon. I'm imagining that with the flour and water mix you can bunch the parer and get ridges on your dragon (like say over the eyes or along the snout). Do you think that I'll get the same results with the glue and paper? Again, REALLY nice work!
Any sort of glue should work fine. Using the standard white glue will probably cost more, but should still work!
how can u cut it without getting hurt using the scissors when u squeeze<br>
keep in mind the dragon isn't done
this is it the egg is just an easter egg the teeth are bamboo skewers the neck is a dowel cut diaonaly and hot glued on backwards with tape keeping it in place the head is just cardboard from a binder <br>
i'm working on mine right now mine is made os an easter egg cardboard newspaper tape and other stuff i will post a pic whan its done :)
Excellent work on the dragon! I made one years ago after I saw one on tv. I used paper mache, cardboard and tape. Then painted it with metallic paints, turned out pretty cool too. But it doesnt have it's own egg. I'll post i picture if you want me too.
I'd love to see a picture! Mine actually started out without the egg, but I ran into problems with the neck being too long and the head being too heavy. It was fine when the dragon was dry, but when I put a new layer of paper mache on, it would weaken the neck so much that it became quite a pain to prop it up why drying. When the head eventually fell off while drying, I had enough of the trouble and made the dragon come out of it's egg. I still have the body. I really should stick a wire into the neck and make another head to finish it up.
Whoops! turned out i hadn't looked at it for a while. I really made it from string for the details, sellotape, newspaper, cardboard (thick and thin) and lots of pva glue. but there is no reason why not you can not use paper mache though! Guts about the head falling off. The neck of mine has a ridge of thick cardboard down the centre, with the neck built out either side with newspaper.
by snot-rag mache mean tissues
yep. Snot rag is a "technical term."
Could you use old junk mail instead of newspapers?
Any paper works. Junk mail works just fine, just be careful of those advertisments from the supermarkets telling the weekly specials. I've found that this paper starts falling apart really fast once it gets wet. It's one of the few papers that I've found that is a pain to work with. That and toilet paper...
This is incredible!!! I cant believe the ingenuity of this project!!! WOW
I love it. I definitely want to try this for my halloween display. Thanks so much for the great instructions!
please click on this link so my dragon egg will hatch on dragonadopters.com<br/>if its just txt something is wrong<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.garrett11.dragonadopters.com/dragonimage_75974_71940_pixel">http://www.garrett11.dragonadopters.com/dragonimage_75974_71940_pixel</a><br/>
wow. that's amazing. 5 stars!
Wow, i love the dragon, i had almost missed it in the lists! its very good. Youve done an excellent job!

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