Picture of Dragon Gem K'nex Ball Machine
Tornado96 is proud to present Dragon Gem!
This is my largest and best ball machine to date. It has 3 new lifts and 9 paths. One of it's major features is the dragon animatronic.All 3 lifts are designed by me and instructions will be submitted as well for the 2 new elements incorporated into this contraption. One of it's key features is the Dragon animatronic which gave a nice theme to the ball machine!

Without further ado I present to you the video! (with one of the best songs!)

Thank you all for your patience and please enjoy the video!

One more thing. A lot of people have been leaving k'nex on instructables. Please DON'T LET K'NEX DIE!

Thanks for viewing and please comment, rate and subscribe!

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lschraud6 months ago
Dude, you have way too much time!

3:21 some body pops up in the window :0

Matt4282 years ago
so cool, but it is real and none of you can do much better this; so don't even doubt it. and none of you are even this good, so keep anything bad to your selves!!!
Tornado96 (author)  Matt4282 years ago
No one said anything bad. :P
Believe there are a lot out there that can do better than this.haha
Jag563 years ago
Inspiring! But dragon force Is not the best band. The guitar player is a frawd, because he speeds up his playing.
Tornado96 (author)  Jag563 years ago
not true. They just do it at some concerts. the Recorded version is the real thing! :-)
dude dragonforce is fake, if you listen to the record you can easily hear that that is sped up, and live they suck. still nice ballmachine
Jag56 Tornado963 years ago
Knex4Life232 years ago
haha thats azactly what i whoud do to my cat!
haha wrong vid =]
gassybeans2 years ago
i dont know if this is obvious, but you seem to have a lot of knex
Tornado96 (author)  gassybeans2 years ago
Thanks, gas!
Tornado96 (author)  gassybeans2 years ago
Thanks, gas!
RNB2 years ago
Do you have pictures from the new lifts in this one? I need some for the arch chain lift, conveyor belt lift and the reverse arm lift, to add them in the lift guide.
Tornado96 (author)  RNB2 years ago
Um if you can't find any good ones in here check the update on it. :) Once my exams are over I'll finish the ibles on em
danroy993 years ago
Dragon Force is epic! They're my favorite band! Through the Fire an Flames is one of my favorite songs too! (Great ball machine too by the way lol)
Tornado96 (author)  danroy993 years ago
haha thanks!
Through the Fire and Flames, Nice! :D
Tornado96 (author)  bnsfwarbonnet3 years ago
Yup! B)
It would be cool if the path would lead the ball into the mouth of the dragon.:)
Tornado96 (author)  rojo.balloon3 years ago
That was the original plan but I like this version of the head better.
I just noticed you changed the name from dragon jewel to dragon gem. :-)
Tornado96 (author)  Purple Waffles3 years ago
lol I did that a while ago! :-)
new ball machine out!
martijnb953 years ago
Hey, i used the ball-pin thing idea to make a separator for the ball machine i'm working on. I hope it doesn't matter...
Tornado96 (author)  martijnb953 years ago
I think i knoew what you mean. It's completely fine. Just remember to give credit! :-D
Shaythegoon3 years ago
I just made it 5* :) awesome, do you know around about how many pieces you used. And where do you get the balls and the track from? thanks...
Tornado96 (author)  Shaythegoon3 years ago
um pieces... I estimate around 17 thousand... ish?

I get teh balls from big ball factory. Just look for it on Ebay.
Nice, thanks i will...
knextremist3 years ago
can you post instructions for the dragon? Its my favorite part of the ball machine lol
Tornado96 (author)  knextremist3 years ago
This was taken down a minth ago. Sorry but I won't be ableto do that
Sorunome3 years ago
Looks cool from the pics! :) But as im on via phone i cant watch the vid at the moment....
Tornado96 (author)  Sorunome3 years ago
You've missed the best part! MUAHAHA!
WOW, that is EPIC! 5*s! Btw, which vid editing program did you use?
Tornado96 (author)  Sorunome3 years ago
Windows movie maker windows 7! :-D
Oh, lol, i'm just looking for a good movie editing program.....
Tornado96 (author)  Sorunome3 years ago
Try AVS if you don't have windows. I've heard it's great!
AVS is great, but the free version makes a stupit signal in the center, full version costs more than 100$... :(
Tornado96 (author)  Sorunome3 years ago
I'm sure you can spare some k'nex :-P
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