Step 3: Face

The face is the part of the dragon that gives it the personality so take lots of time making it right. The eyes can sometimes be hard to get right because they are small and you need to make two that look the same. If you don't want to deal with making eyes you can get around it with using glass seed beads. But back to making eyes, the first thing is to get small pieces of white and smaller pieces of black. The best way to do this is to roll out black and white and then use the tissue blade to cut it. Roll these pieces into balls and squish them together. You can make eyes with different colors or inverse them. Lightly place them in the head to find where they will go. The next thing is to make the eyebrows. Make two small cylinders and tapper the ends. Place these above the eyes. Mess around with them for a while because they give your dragon more emotion. The next feature in this step is to make the nose. This is very simple to do, just use a tooth pick to make two holes. The mouth is the last thing to do in this step. Simply roll a tooth pick across the front of the head to form a groove. Add any features like teeth or tongues.