I saw a metal dragon necklace at a market, but was too cheap to spend $12 on it, despite the overwhelming attraction to the little piece of shiny thing. Dejected, I came home and made this! The dragon is made from polymer clay (Fimo) and then painted with dollar store silver paint. The chain was bought from the hardware store- its a great place for chunky chains for jewelry. Was it worth it? In money, it cost less, and now I probably like it better than the other one... possibly
<p>Very nice! I might try to make one to decorate a book cover I'm working on. </p>
<p>This is really cool. If you wanted to go a step further, you could have added little cheapy plastic gemstones</p>
This is awesome
You can also use the silver Sculpey. I love the feel of the clay, don't you? It feels so soft and silky when it's conditioned.
Indeed I do
Dragon pendant can bring luck.
I met a guerrilla silver caster that kept 2 little sample Tupperware bowls on her keychain filled with 2 part RTV that she'd mix to take an impression to later make a wax model for lostwax casting.
dang. yet another person whos better at sculpting then me. lol nice job!
I think it looks fantastic
Why, thank you!
Yeah looks awesome =)!<br>nice axolotl he is awesome

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