I was searching online for a nice piggy bank pattern that wouldn't be an actual "piggy" and that would be strong enough to be handled by my 2 year old niece. After finding an image of a dragon bank, I created a digital plan based on the image and used a laser cutter to build it.

Step 1: Design the Dragon

I created the plan on Inkscape by using layers over the image of the dragon. I have attached the SVG file to this step. The file has several layers including:

  • Outside body
  • Inside body
  • Eye
  • Wing
<p>I love the design, both in the graphics and the mechanical hinge!</p>
<p>I love it! The mahogany veneer really adds that little extra. Might have to steal this design ;-)</p>
Thanks, Go for it and please post a picture if you make one!
<p>Will do!</p>
<p>Very good work. Keep it up.</p>

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