My son picked up a shoulder puppet at a Renaissance Fair.  He kept telling me I needed to make one of my dragons to work like this puppet.  “It sat on your shoulder and you would manipulate the head so that it moved.  People would do a double take, trying to figure out if they really saw it move or not”, was his explanation.  Last week when he came to visit, he gave me his puppet for inspiration.  So here is my version of a shoulder puppet, created with yarn, stuffing and a bike cable.

Step 1:

Main color of yarn (I chose purple)
Contrasting color of yarn (I chose hot pink)
Size 3.5 mm crochet hook (American size E) (+/-$3)
Polyester stuffing (+/- $4 a bag)
1 pair of safety eyes
Yarn needle
10 speed bike, break or gear cable (around $2 for a short one)
Something with which to mark the rounds (I have the little green safety pin like marker)

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Bio: In a valiant attempt to keep myself from dying of boredom, I create.
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