Step 3:

Picture of
Head (using the main color)
   Nostrils- make 2
Ch 4 , ss into 1st ch to make a ring. 
R 1 – sc to the center of the circle 6 times, ss into the top of the 1st sc, FO (1st nostril).  Repeat for the 2nd nostril only don’t fasten off.
R 2 – start by sc into the 2nd st of the 1st nostril, go around the 1st nostril 1 sc in each st, (5 st) then connect tot eh 4th sc of the 2nd nostril and go around it 5 st.  Mark this last st as the first st of the round (10st)
R 3 – 1sc, 2 sc in next st) repeat 5 times (15st)
R 4 – sc all
R 5 –  (1sc, sc2tog) repeat 5 times (10st)
R 6 – sc all
R 7 – sc2xn3st, sc 6, sc2xn2 st (15st)
R 8 – sc2xn6st, sc10 (22st)
R 9 – sc all
R 10 – (1sc,sc2tog) repeat 7 times, 2sc (16st)
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