Game of Thrones season 4 premiered on HBO earlier this month - and will not be taking a break for Easter!
Hurry up and craft an easy collectible set of Dragon Eggs (inspired by the books) to help you celebrate the holiday as you watch a new episode on Sunday.

Step 1: Supplies

For this project you will need three (pre made) 6" paper mache eggs, scissors, a few sheets of sticky back foam paper sheets, fast drying craft glue and acrylic paint for your eggs.

<p>I want to make one :)</p>
<p>nice job looks awesome</p>
<p>Super cool. </p>
awesome! I have never seen game of thrones but these are amazing
<p>Very nice - and I bet the mother dragon's glad they come out point first..!</p>
<p>These are awesome! I'll have to make some of these to go with the Game of Thrones bathrobes I made!</p>
<p>And/or create some dragon-egg bath bombs... (and give us an 'ible on them!)</p>
Great job! These look awesome!

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