Dragon Eggs Keyholder





Introduction: Dragon Eggs Keyholder

To create these dragon eggs you will need:

-A nut.

-A nut-opener.



-A little ring.

-A rotary tool.

-Nail polish. (Or whatever paint you like)

-A make up sponge.

-A keyholder chain (Optional).

Step 1: Grab a Nut.

Step 2: Open It.

I´m using a piece of metal witch I introduced to the bottom of the nut and then I twisted it. This way is easier to open the nut in two clean pieces.

Step 3: Empty the Fruit.

Step 4: Make the Holes.

With your rotary tool make two little holes on the upper part of the nut.

Step 5: Put the Ring on the Holes.

Step 6: Glue Both Parts.

And let then dry.

Step 7: Make the Scales.

For the scales you have to catch little piece of clay and roll them into your fingers to create a rounded shape. Make plenty of them.

Step 8: Add the Scales.

Press a little bit on each scale.

Step 9: Continue Until You Reach All the Surface.

Step 10: Time to Paint!

Here Im using nail polish, but you can use other type of paintings. Grab your paint and put a bit in the sponge, then tap it around all the scales of the egg. Repeat this procces until you think its ready, then with a darker color tap it around the edges to give them a bit of live.

For my three eggs Im using gold with brown, red with purple and green with a darker green.

Step 11: Thats It!

Put your key holder and its done! Or if you like you can use them for a necklace or just for decorating.



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    Here Im using nail polish, but you can use other type of paintings should be Here Im using nail polish, but you can use other type of paint