Flame thrower a day, flame thrower every day.

Step 1: A Simple Lighter

Step 2: Deconstruction of the Lighter

Deconstruct your (empty) lighter as the following images.

Step 3: Deconstruction of the Lighter

Be carefull with the "arises" (is that french word "ressort" in english? i mean the spin one).

You can keep the lighter's rock for fun, but we dont need it for our dragon.

Step 4: Modeling the Lighter Parts.

Fold the metal and expand the "ressort" (the spin things, you know).

Attach parts together like the third and the fourth images.

Step 5: Attaching the Head and Finitions

Attaching the head is a little bit tricky, you have to spin the head in the arises.
Detach the "body" from the "wings" will help a lot.

Then fold the "body" to make the attitude that your dragon will adopt.

Step 6: Fly Little Dragon!

Play hundred hours with your new little dragon!£
Holy crap r u serious?! Wow
<p>so much for a lighter .. but good trying</p>
It might be worth changing your main image to the same one as the last image. I think it looks a little better.<br />
that is cool<br />
does it really light?
we all wish it did<br />
do you have a broken lighter that needs fixing if you do click <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/community/do-you-have-a-broken-lighter/">https://www.instructables.com/community/do-you-have-a-broken-lighter/</a><br/>
now i get it it looks like a dragon!
how is it a dragon lighter?
pretty awesome
as cool as this looks, the title was a bit misleading.... i was lookin for flames and stuff... good project for a dead lighter tho
same here
I just use the emty lighters as fire starters. Like with some tender and the spark.
what do you do with the rest of the lighter??
I think I've seen it sliced up to make antenna wire insulators somewhere.
I think you mean spring
he means flint
Looks cool, but I think that's a waist of a lighter.
The correct word is waste, not waist. Also, I beleive what they mean is if the lighter was old. The lighter also doesn't look very expensive.
woot grammar nazis!!!
everybody who just posted beef on his instructable is only displaying their own stupidity. all the interest lies within the form, not the function. it looks like a dragon, and its made from a lighter(fire from a lighter, dragon breaths fire, dragons arent real so why not create a dragon from a fire creating device???) sweet instructable by the way, my sculpture teacher will love this
Trust me, dragons are real.
Right and thanks. Its just a little sculpture without any pretentious. By the way the lighter was used (empty in fact) and his death was without pain. Last things, no, he don't fly or breaths fire but don't let children <7 play whit him.
haha yea, I always find these lighters on the side of the road. I would never let a young child play with something this cool lol
Thanks :)
Cool! Very easy to do, I thought it would actually light up at first or something, but I didn't actually pay attention. Nice job, might do this instead of throwing them away. +1 rating. (added to favorites)-
ressort means spring.
the rock???? its a flint
put a video on there or can't you afford a camera
this is really cool that would do cool if you could get it to have a small fire breath. i might make an instructable on how to put rier breath on it
does thing actually create a flame lol ill make it if it does
what does it do???
thats great. so going to do that
i like it
why? what a waste of time that is so pointless
if its such a waste of time dont do it(duh)
you could get a pine cone and glue office stationary to it also. that would make it rock so much harder
i dont understand "flame thrower" where u get that? its a dragon!!!!!!!!!
Yep my englsih is bad, are Dragon throwing flame? Isn't it?
thx man ill be sure to do that when my lighter runs out and give it to my lil sister LOL
Is this meant for like little kids who happen to find a lighter on the street but are to weak to light it so instead they make a little dragon to put on their Christmas tree P.S.i'll give points for creativity
A ROFL brand lighter?
it says, PROF
I see PROF....
Yea, I do too..
I believe he is talking about the flick piece (the small wheel) as Ressort is french (more or less) for that
"Believe" is spelled B-E-L-I-E-V-E, spelling B.
haha that cute

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