Dragon Lighter





Introduction: Dragon Lighter

Flame thrower a day, flame thrower every day.

Step 1: A Simple Lighter

Step 2: Deconstruction of the Lighter

Deconstruct your (empty) lighter as the following images.

Step 3: Deconstruction of the Lighter

Be carefull with the "arises" (is that french word "ressort" in english? i mean the spin one).

You can keep the lighter's rock for fun, but we dont need it for our dragon.

Step 4: Modeling the Lighter Parts.

Fold the metal and expand the "ressort" (the spin things, you know).

Attach parts together like the third and the fourth images.

Step 5: Attaching the Head and Finitions

Attaching the head is a little bit tricky, you have to spin the head in the arises.
Detach the "body" from the "wings" will help a lot.

Then fold the "body" to make the attitude that your dragon will adopt.

Step 6: Fly Little Dragon!

Play hundred hours with your new little dragon!£



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    I think that this is very creative reusing. I think I will make it for my wee ones, but put a paper mache "dragon skin" on it.

    Thank you for the great ible!

    so much for a lighter .. but good trying

    It might be worth changing your main image to the same one as the last image. I think it looks a little better.

    now i get it it looks like a dragon!

    pretty awesome

    as cool as this looks, the title was a bit misleading.... i was lookin for flames and stuff... good project for a dead lighter tho

    1 reply

    I just use the emty lighters as fire starters. Like with some tender and the spark.

    I think I've seen it sliced up to make antenna wire insulators somewhere.

    Looks cool, but I think that's a waist of a lighter.

    1 reply

    The correct word is waste, not waist. Also, I beleive what they mean is if the lighter was old. The lighter also doesn't look very expensive.