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The current project we are working on has some parts missing and is not fully operational. However we would like to share our progress and experiences.

The Dragonboard 410c is the development board we used for our project. This board is developed by Qualcomm and has a lot of features that are useful for our project.

Step 1: Mezzanine

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Dragonboard has the feature to expand its uses with Mezzanine, which is an adapter that lets the user take advantage of sensor and other boards. For this project we used two sensors along the Mezzanine. The Sensor IMU 10Dof (Temperature) and the Display LCD RGB with 2 lines.

Step 2: Connections

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After connecting the Mezzanine to the DragonBoard. Connect the IMU 10DOF sensor to the A0 port and the Led Display to the I2C0 port.

Step 3: Arduino Code

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Step 4: Python Code

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It is important to include the libraries from the sensor, you can download them from here:

Step 5: Run the Program

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In order to run the program you must do a Makefile on the terminal with the following code:

include /usr/share/arduino/
run: upload python

After that type 'make run' on the terminal of the Dragonboard with the previous codes installed on the directory. It will begin to show the user the temperature readings of the surroundings, which will prove useful for the project.


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2017-02-26

Cool project. You should enter this into the Microcontroller contest that is currently running.

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