Picture of Dragone & Wizard Quilt
Dragone 2.jpg
Back side and Scalloped edged of quilt.jpg
Back side of quilt 2.jpg
I made this quilt for my Brother - in - Law for Chirstmas a few years ago since we use to draw names. When I got his name I knew what I wanted to due. I already had to Gold material, so I cut it into as many squares as I could, then I got on Ebay and found the appliques for the dragon and wizards. I really don't recall how many squares I used. but I know that it took me a long time to do all the hand embrodiary.

Supplies Used
Gold Material
Gold/Black Trim Lots of yard
Embroidary Thread
Regular Nylon Thread
Rotar Cutter with Pad
Backing material
Queen Size Batting
Scallop Edging for the Border
Sewing machinge
Embrodiay Hoop
Thread Wax
Embrodiary Needle (LOTS)

Step 1: Sewing appliques on the squares

Picture of Sewing appliques on the squares
I started sewing the appliques on the gold squares but first I would make sure they were as centered as possible, Then on my sewing machine I used a differant stitch to sew them on. Then I layed them all out on the floor to see how I wanted to put them to gether. Then I sewed all the squares together.
sabbott4 years ago
Wow, that is a work of art! Amazing piece!
Rebekah22 (author)  sabbott4 years ago
Thank you very much