Customizable DragonflY Assault Crossbow





Introduction: Customizable DragonflY Assault Crossbow

About: I seem to like building crossbow shaped objects.

Here it is, a new design aimed at portability, but still packs more than a punch.
It uses a trigger previously seen on the Blockhead, which has never misfired(and believe me,that is important when playing with so much power).
This Instructable features 4 bows, one Y-shaped two normally-shaped and one odd block; all a personal choice. The stock is optional, however it makes it a lot easier to aim and makes it a lot more comfortable. The DragonflY is also very piece efficient and provides excellent firepower for 6 rubberbands.

1. Lightweight
2. Comfortable
3. Easily fires 150 feet*
4. Modular: Instructable will be updated with different bow types, scopes and stocks.
5. Wide opening: The front bow is very wide, which means it can fire all sorts of ammo.**
6. Easy loading/Low friction: The trigger has been improved, which makes it easier to load, reduces friction.
7. Powerful: Shoots clean through cardboard.


Like it said, I will update the Instructable with new things for it.
If you happen to have made a good bow,stock or scope, you could always post a picture of it, I will build, make instructions for it in here and of course give you credit or the design.
Ammo will get a special section soon!

Don't forget to rate eh? =d

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*Depends on length of handle and number of rubberbands.
**Depends on what type of bow used.

Step 1: Minimal Pieces Needed

This is not 100% accurate, but should give a good indication:

Without Optional Parts, basic Y-bow crossbow (Counted from pictures)

Bendy grey:0
Bendy red:0
Bendy yellow:0
Bendy blue:0
Bendy white:0


Small Wheel:4
Medium Wheel:0
Gray spacer:10
Blue spacer:4

Step 2: Y-shaped Bow

Sturdy, light and releases arrows early. Power without long handle here.

Step 1(Pic2): Build two of these.
Step 2(Pic3): Add those together.
Step 3(Pic4,5): Add these 12 yellow connectors.
Step 4(Pic6): Build two of these and add together.
Step 5(Pic7): Add this to the rest.
Step 6(Pic8,9): Add these two red rods.
Step 7(Pic10,11): Add 12 green rods.
Step 8(Pic12,13): Build this. optional
Step 9(Pic14): Add like shown.
Step 10(Pic15,16): Add these 14 red rods tan is optional
Step 11(Pic17,18): Add 2 red connectors, 8 yellow connectors, 4 white connectors, 2 light grey and 4 white rods.
Step 12(Pic19): Add 2 yellow rods, 2 blue rods, 6 white rods and 14 green rods.
Step 13(Pic20,21): Add 5 grey spacers, 2 small wheels and 2 blue spacers.
Step 14(Pic22,23): Add rubberband chain like so.

Step 3: BlockBow

An oddly shaped; yet very powerful blockbow, might also be useful as hammer.

Step 1(Pic2): Instructions are in the normal shaped bow section.
Step 2(Pic3): Build these.
Step 3(Pic4): Add together.
Step 4(Pic5): Add 10 red rods.
Step 5(Pic6): Build.
Step 6(Pic7): Build.
Step 7(Pic8): Add 20 gray spacers and the two parts from last step.
Step 8(Pic9): Add together.
Step 9(Pic10,11): Add 6 rubber bands, 2 strings.

Step 4: Normal Shaped-Bow

Sturdy, traditional, flings arrows very late and is very slow in wearing down rubberbands.

Step 1(Pic2): Build this.
Step 2(Pic3): Add 12 yellow connectors.
Step 3(Pic4,5): Add 8 blue connectors, 4 green rods and 5 red rods.
Step 4(Pic6): Add 12 green rods.
Step 5(Pic7): Build these.
Step 6(Pic8): Add these to the rest.
Step 7(Pic9): Add 10 red rods.
Step 8(Pic10,11): Add 5 gray spacers, 2 small wheels and 2 blue spacers
Step 9(Pic12): Build these.
Step 10(Pic13): Add to rest.
Step 11(Pic14): Add 4 yellow rods and ( Add 3 bendy yellow rods. optional)
Step 12(Pic15,16): Add the rubberbands.

Step 5: Quick,Effective,Bow

Very small light bow that, requires little effort and pieces.

Step 1(Pic2): Build.
Step 2(Pic3): Build.
Step 3(Pic4): Add together as shown.
Step 4(Pic5,6): Add 4 blue rods.
Step 5(Pic7): Add 10 red rods.
Step 6(Pic8): Build these.
Step 7(Pic9): Add 10 gray spacers and 4 blue spacers.
Step 8(Pic10): Add together.
Step 9(Pic11): Add 6 rubber bands as shown.

Step 6: Handle

Plain old handle, with some extra attachment points, making this longer will generally make the crossbow more powerful.

Step 1(Pic2): Build these segments.
Step 2(Pic3,4,5): Add these together as shown.
Step 3(Pic6): Build these parts.
Step 4(Pic7,8): Add the parts as shown.

Step 7: Trigger

The most complicated part, also the part I would be proud of.

Step 1(Pic2,3,4,5): Build what the pictures show you to build.
Step 2(Pic6,7): Add this to the rest, use a rod to snap it in.
Step 3(Pic8): Add 8 gray spacers and 3 light gray connectors.
Step 4(Pic9): Build this.
Step 5(Pic10): Build/tape this, see image note.
Step 6(Pic11): Build this.
Step 7(Pic12,13,14,15): Add parts together like shown.
Step 8(Pic16): Build this.
Step 9(Pic17,18,19): Add like shown, it is added in two halves.
Step 10(Pic20): Add 2 green connectors and 1 yellow connector.

Step 8: Pointy Stock

Pretty comfortable, if not a dangerous melee weapon. optional

Step 1(Pic1,2): Just build it, its completely symetrical.

Step 9: VeryShortStock

Use this if you haven't attached a stock to fill up the attachment point.

Step 10: Pointy Scope

Standard scope for easy aiming. optional

Step 1(Pic1): Build these.
Step 2(Pic2): Add like shown.

Step 11: Assembly

Ofcourse the coolest thing to do =d

Step 1(Pic1,2): Build these and add like shown.
Step 2(Pic3): Attach like so.
Step 3(Pic4): Attach bow like shown.
Step 4(Pic5): Attach stock like shown.

Step 12: Adding the Rubberbands

It is pretty hard to get the rubberband in, just take some side panels off. You'll never have to do this again, as I haven't seen a rubberband snap here.

Step 13: Ammo Types

These are all the types of ammo it will fire, there may be some I haven't tried yet.

Step 14: Done!

Yay! You're done with building, now go on and have some fun =D

You can come back to this Instructable and build a different bow, stock, scope..
Try experimenting with different kinds of ammo.

If you happen to have made a good bow, you could always post a picture of it, I will build, make instructions for it and of course give you credit or the design.
I will make a new section for ammo when I have the time.

Also keep in mind that I have thoroughly tested the damage it will do to humans..and let me tell you, it hurts ;p
Also avoid shooting straight into walls, unless you have some spare pieces and a vacuum cleaner nearby.



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    Amazing! Outstanding! With the right rubber bands (#64's) and the right ammo (red rod with blue ball and blue rod) it managed to puch a hole through a 3 layer cardboard box. Thank you!

    Will post a better parts list soon for a more accurate list ;)

    could you try and make an angled handle, that one looks quite uncomfortable

    2 replies

    Yeah, it wasn't the best handle ^^
    I was more focussed on making a solid trigger mechanism.

    Not anywhere near my k'nex currently, but I do know that this trigger is obsolete.

    The first/second picture contains a single-shot trigger, which will fit, but will require readjusting of the wheels on the bow. Might be even worse in terms of comfort ;x

    If you really want to get creative, try the 3-shot trigger on picture 3-4, but it might be hard making the bow hold 3 strings. See topic for more info on this one.

    Foto0228 (Large).jpgFoto0236 (Large).jpgPhoto0021 (Custom).jpgPhoto0023 (Custom).jpg

    Good one, I have no clue what I said two years ago =s

    Its just a normal bow, nothing special on this one, so dunno =d

    the ammo flung back and hit me in the face why ?

    2 replies

    this may sound cruel but....


     I'm sorry but i laughed so hard to that. i can just imagining the rod go up your nose XD

    These are the basic pieces required to build the y-bow

    I built this about a week ago. just got a pic and I love it ! :-) P.S I modded it alot so yay


    Piece count is without stock, as it is optional.

    Uhm I don't think so, you can try using a trigger like this one(don't build the casing):


    Just building the part until pic8 will work, just use a separate rod to hook the arrow onto and fire.

    I will try and use a different trigger on my next bow, because a lot of people don't seem to have the hinges.

    Sorry if I couldn't be of help =/

    outa the reaper, block head and this crossbow, which one would you say had the best balance between, power, accuracy, and reliability, tho its mostly power that interests me.

    1 reply

    The blockhead has the same trigger and is the most powerful one.

    I'm gonna build this as soon as you answer this: Which bow has the best balance of power and accuracy?