Step 5: Polishing and Finishing

Now that you've soldered the tail together snip the bottom off to even it if needed.
Use your file to round the end of the tail and to even out the solder on the front.
Sand as needed with 400 grit sandpaper, and finish polishing with your polishing compound and a cloth.

Add a jump ring, a chain, and a clasp and you're done!
I hope you enjoyed my Instructable.
Happy crafting!
Filing makes a very permanent change to your pliers, which can ding up your future projects. Ever thought about using a permanent marker instead?
<p>Yes you're right, it had occurred to me that I might mar future projects and I did consider using a marker. I decided to file because I can file on one tong and keep the other tong pristine, it also gives me a better defined marking to follow rather than an ink smear if that makes sense. One side for measurements, the other for bending. I'm not a serious jewelry maker so filing works well for me :/</p>
Thanks, I hope it works out well. I recommend using custom lengths of wire instead of paperclips to get the best result. Post me some pics of your finished project!
Thanks so much for the 'ible! I was wondering how to best do dragonflies after seeing the butterfly bracelet. I'll see if I can get around to making a dragonfly bracelet for a gift for my sister, I think the same method of linking as in the butterfly 'ible will work, either with or without soldering.
Sorry this is so late in reply. But before I published the pendant, I did attempt to make a bracelet of dragonflies and they looked like, well, erm... bad. A single pendant came out the best for me. <br>Please show me the way! <br>
Very nice! I love dragonflies
Good luck! I'm glad you like it! <br>
i<strong> love</strong> this dragonfly!!!! can't wait to try one. thanks so much for sharing.
Look Great!!! I like this.
Thank you Mr.B, and thank you for the response to my message. You've taught me a lot!
This is just incredible! Very nice job! Wow!
Thank you! The one with the long tail I put on the chain was my best yet. I swear, no two of these things have come out the same.....

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