Dragon's Roar Crossbow w/ all new trigger system

Doctor Who (author) 6 years ago
should i post or not?
up to you.
Doctor Who (author)  Wafflicious5 years ago
sure i will eventually because my camera broke >.>
chopstx5 years ago
The Jamalam6 years ago
the trigger has been done before
Doctor Who (author)  The Jamalam6 years ago
Dgm I think
Doctor Who (author)  Wafflicious5 years ago
he copied my trigger design mine was posted first
Doctor Who (author)  jollex6 years ago
i doubt it, the rod end where it snaps onto the ammo slides in to the little indention on the y connector, let me get a pic
A similar trigger is on a prototype shrapnel gun I have. It uses the y connector.
Doctor Who (author)  Oompa-Loompa6 years ago
i cant find that gun =\
hey i see it is a sling? hmmm. :P nice but not exactly a crossbow its not wide enough at the front :S still nice though :P 5 stars
Doctor Who (author)  Skreetsha6 years ago
wide enough for ammo
yeah i know that but the front doesnt exactly look like a crossbow :S sorry but it is still great though :D
Didn't post it yet ; )