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My long-awaited dragunov. It took a few more days than planned to make the instructable, but it turned out good. It's my biggest instructable yet, and my first sniper. It turned out VERY good. It looks great, AND it shoots great!
let's get to the pros and cons.

quite accurate
Good looking (of course XD)
cool scope

a little flimsy
scope kinda gets in the way of the pin when you are pulling it

This gun is pure awesome so I suggest you make it right now!

*Some adult assembly required.

Step 1: Stock

Picture of Stock

The stock, complete with comfy headrest! (X2)=make twice if you don't know.

1: What you are going to make! 
2: Make this panel. (X2)
3: make these things with your knex
4: make this stuff....
5: get these.... From where? The fridge!
6: Add 12 blue rods and an orange connector to one of your panels
7: get ONE blue rod.
8: What you should have.
9: add the things you see.
10: add some more stuff..
11: add the last stuff!
12: Put on the last panel and get to the next step!

Step 2: Front Half of Fake Barrel

Picture of Front Half of Fake Barrel

Title says all. This is just for looks.

1: What will be made.
2: make this (X2)
3: make these, don't forget the white rod.
4: make these things...
5: add 6 blue rods
6: connect those three things and put them on the panel with blue rods.
7: add those things on
8: add the last panel and you're done!

Next step!

Step 3: Back Half of the Fake Barrel

Picture of Back Half of the Fake Barrel

Don't worry, it's not hard to make, I just took a lot of pictures to make it very clear.

1: What you'll make
2: make this (X2)
3: Make this long thing.
4: Make this (there's another view)
5: Another view.
6: Make this stuff.
7: Build that.
8: add that last panel
9: make that
10: get a tan clip.
11: Make these
12: Add 4 blue rods to one panel.
13: What you should have.
14: Put this on (there's another view)
15: another view
16: put those three things on.
17: slide the blue rod with the tan clip on it in there.
18: slide that on
19: put the last panel on!
20: add the tan clip
21: put that long thing on
22: it's done!


Step 4: Break!

Picture of Break!


Step 5: Body

Picture of Body

What a perfect thing to build right after a big nap! (you need 3 broken white rods, and an optional broken blue rod. An orange connector without tabs on one side is also needed. The blue rod makes it comfortable.)

1: What you are going to make.
2: Make the firing pin! (read note)
3: Make this (X2)
4: Make the trigger..
5: What you are going to make right
6: make/get all of this.
7: add the white rods
8: put that on
9: Add thaat...
10: and put the wheels and the blue rod on.
11: now you're going to make this.
12: make this (X2) and get those rods. (put a bit of scotch tape on the white rods.)
13: Make this
14: make those
15: get this
16: Add 8 white rods, one blue rod, and two broken white rods.
17: Add those things
18: put in the rods from before and put on that long thing
19: add that piece
20: Add the other panel you made and you're done that thing.
21: Make this thing.
22: add two blue rods, and two grey spacers on on of your panels.
23: put that on!
24: put the trigger on (there's another view.
25: Where the white rod should be. (read note.)
26: attach the handle
27: Put that piece there.
28: add the last panel and put the pin in.

Let's put your dragunov together!

Step 6: Putting It Together

Picture of Putting It Together

Let's build!

1: All the parts
2: put a blue rod in the stock and get it ready.
3: attach stock.
4: pull it up and attach there
5: click those on
6: how it should look
7: get that and take off the parts shown.
8: attach it!
9: add the parts you took off
10: what you should have
11: get this part ready
12: put it like that.
13: Clip it in.
14: YOURE DONE! Now let's make the scope!

Step 7: Scope

Picture of Scope

Lots of views. It doesn't have to be the exact same as this.

Step 8: Extras and Bands

Picture of Extras and Bands

Title says all.

1: make the mag push and get a stretchy elastic
2: get a #64
3: double it up and put it there.
4: get lots of #64s to power the gun
5: Get one for the trigger
6: put a band on the trigger
7: mag push in and elastic on.
8: other side
9: put the scope on
10: put the pin in and add some elastics where shown!



MegaMetal8 (author)2010-08-20

Just some questions then ill build when you reply 1. Is the mag removable? 2. Are the broken white rods essential? 3. Is the scope essential? 4. Do you need strong bands to actually get it to fire? Thanks and ill make it when you reply! PS: 5* :]

Seleziona (author)MegaMetal82010-08-21

1: no 2: Yes, you should break some white rods cuz lots of guns have them. 3: no, you can put y clips on the scope mounts to make iron sights. 4: I think you need #64s, And I know this hardly has any friction, But, if you have weak bands, the bullet might fall and hit something. 5: thanks!

wieby909 (author)2014-08-01

How do you make the firing pin?

wieby909 (author)2014-08-01

How do you make the firing pin?

dragon#1 (author)2013-11-08

2 years later

robin94 (author)2010-09-21

does anyone know why my Dragunov can not shoot?

megustatrains (author)robin942013-09-19

mine works perfectly :P but why? i dunno tell the problem (it only took 3 years for help to come through XD )

dansdoc (author)2011-02-01

does this require broken pieces?
(cant see any but wanted to check)

megustatrains (author)dansdoc2013-09-19

(lol im so helpful and only 2 years later you get a reply) it needs i cut orange 2 tabs off and 3 cut white rods (NOT OPTIONAL) and an optional y clip with 1 tab(just to stop some jams)

megustatrains (author)2013-09-19

i gotta say... if it is built right and has at the very least 2 #64 bands on it, it WILL shoot good. add more and you have an excellent gun :D

An Villain (author)2011-04-04

Parts List (Finally.)

Green: 305
White: 89 (3 cut, 4 taped.)
Blue: 56 (1 cut.)
Red: 15
Y-Clips: 31
Black: 1
Yellow: 2

Yellow: 185
Red: 40
White: 40
Hinge: 2 (complete.)
Green: 7
3-D Blue: 6
Orange: 19 (1 cut.)
Grey 1-Slot: 14
Grey 2-Slot: 7
Tan Lock: 5
Blue Clip: 5
3-D Grey: 2

Small Wheels: 2
Grey Cogs: 2
Silver Spacers: 9
Blue Spacers: 3

Hope this helps.

megustatrains (author)An Villain2013-09-19

made it wit about 30 yellow left and plenty of green rods :D but yah this gun used most of my useful parts D:

2000smartkid (author)An Villain2012-10-07

Is this piece count exact?

An Villain (author)2000smartkid2012-10-07

I have no clue anymore. I'd say it's fairly close though.

2000smartkid (author)An Villain2012-10-17

Ok, then I'll just do what anyone would do, and just make it without getting all the pieces first.

megustatrains (author)2013-09-18


megustatrains (author)2013-09-15

shoots hard? that's what she said :P nice gun :D

2000smartkid (author)2012-10-07

Dude, I love your knex instructables. You make them so very detailed, so we know what exactly to make. Keep up the good work! :D

knexgunbuilder217 (author)2012-07-27

can u make a parts list for this

wim905 (author)2012-02-28

how many orange conecters?

arjun1 (author)2012-02-13


rheath2 (author)2012-02-09


rheath2 (author)2012-02-09

Oh **** yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

black ops (author)2012-01-29


Mikestr12 (author)2011-09-25

my ammo keeps getting stuck in the mag it wont shoot help

Seleziona (author)Mikestr122011-09-27

Ummm, I really don't know. Try see what is making it stuck.

Raiden97 (author)2011-08-29

if you put a blacklight on that one pink 90 degree connector it glows orange, i found that out on my other guns i took pictures cause i thought it was funny

Seleziona (author)Raiden972011-08-31

Huh, that's odd!

Raiden97 (author)2011-08-29

well i was building this, and when i got to the part where you build the mag and barrel and stuff, i realized i lost half my knex pieces, now i gotta take them apart since i cant find any of the ones i lost :(

Seleziona (author)Raiden972011-08-31

That sucks!

knexinventer (author)2011-06-30

i made this gun about a week ago and i love it i am modding some peices and shortening pices and making new pices can i paost this in an instructable

im posting it today

eLeMeNtLtd. (author)2011-06-30

the step i did the longest time for whas step 4

Tom1795xx (author)2011-06-11


Seleziona (author)Tom1795xx2011-06-11

YEAH! i know right :D

hazzybarton123 (author)2011-06-09

bed time

gassybeans (author)2011-06-05

cant the green/blue or blue/black pivit pieces be subsituted for ball socket joints?

DeadLocked (author)2011-03-19

Just had a thought, this gun is PERFECT to be converted to an Ak 47 or Ak 74 (without the stock, barrel and scope the only thing you need is curved mag and its perfect.)
If it's as powerful as stated it should be amazing :P

An Villain (author)DeadLocked2011-04-03

Not meaning any offense, but people like you sometimes make me want to cry. The Dragunov is a heavily modified AK-Designation weapon used for sniping.

DeadLocked (author)An Villain2011-04-19

Oh no, I'm not a weapons expert :(

An Villain (author)DeadLocked2011-04-19

I see, their only difference is in caliber and the overall shape of the weapon, and also I may have been a little harsh, sorry about that.

~Aeronous~ (author)2010-08-11

That would NOT get 65ft. Especially without a pin guide.

An Villain (author)~Aeronous~2011-04-03

If it doesn't, I'll make it.

Isaiah Martin (author)~Aeronous~2010-11-01

it does I bult it

tthomasvd (author)Isaiah Martin2010-11-07

built not bult...

~Aeronous~ (author)Isaiah Martin2010-11-01

Yeah yeah, thats complete bull. Prove it, BY VIDEO. Anyone can fake a pic of a piece of knex lying on the ground.

tthomasvd (author)~Aeronous~2010-11-07


Seleziona (author)~Aeronous~2010-08-11

okay. You believe your assumption, and I'll believe my proof. I measured it, and this had FOUR #64s on. If you still don't believe me, build it, put on some rubber bands, and shoot it. It DOES get 60-65 feet.

~Aeronous~ (author)Seleziona2010-08-12

With only four #64s? Fine, I'll build the mech.

rec0n (author)Seleziona2010-08-11

Prove it. otherwise, it shoots around 40-50 feet.

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