Step 7:

7. Introduce first batch of food waste. (Food scraps should first be placed in a separate container to allow them to break down a bit and give off some of their heat.)
<p>earth worms from your yard are deep burrowers the ones that compost stay in the first 3&quot; </p>
hello all i wish to ask a question on the behalf of my mother why is using earthworms from my yard not reccomended? <br> <br>thankyou. <br>fidgety2
I read somewhere that the worms need to be able to handle the heat in the bin. Earthworms from the yard probably would prefer colder soil.
Is it fine if I use an old aquarium as my compost bin. That way I can keep it inside without worrying about worms escaping. I do plan to cover the panes so they don't get too much light
There's only one image, but it's a very good one, it shows what to put first, second etc, so I don't think more is needed.
&nbsp;Yes Please!!&nbsp; I was born a ''visual&quot;,&nbsp; So I dont process or learn as well without my eyes.&nbsp;&nbsp; Would be very APPRECIATED.&nbsp; <br />
You need more than the one image. Can you get the use of a camera and show this in steps? L

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