Drastically Improving the Speed, Life, and Performance of your R/C Helicopter


Step 4: Now the Controller!

   The controller has a tiny spring hooked onto the throttle that keeps it down.  To remove the spring, remove the screws on the back of the controller.  There is one behind the charging cable, just pull the slider back, then pull it off at a slight angle.  It might take some force but be real careful!  After that, flip the controller over and pull the front part off.  Remove the screw holding the spring in place and pull the spring out.  Screw the screw back in.  Take the spring and hook the two ends together, forming a circle.  Then take the circle on with the hooks facing down, so that the spring rubs against the throttle, forming a little bit of friction.  Then take the charging cord and untie the knot, giving you about an inch extra of cord.  Then put the front panel back, flip it over, put the screws back and pop the slider back on. 
joran792 years ago
Did not know the idea of removal of the spring. Did it right away and it works perfect. Will not remove the wing or the LED. I like it the way it is.
neurascenic2 years ago
I just got one of these, kinda late to the game, but ... this controller does not have the spring in it.
v3l03 years ago
Without the knot when you pull on the cable you pull directly on solder points.
If you have no soldering skills this will not be a pleasant experience.
building king (author)  v3l03 years ago
Yeah, it could rip off, but I don't tug on that cord too much. Usually you wouldn't use it too much because helicopters will most likely cone with another way to charge, by usb port, wall charger, and other devices. So when I do use the charger on the remote, I want it longer because it is pretty short when you get it.

- Building King
You obviously know what you're doing and my comment is somewhat of a warning for beginners in opening and moding stuff.
Always when modding stuff is good to think in the future, any mod that is intended to be permanent must be thought trough in terms of reliability.
Also, in you case, after undoing the knot, if available, a small drop of hot glue would make it safer to use and you could benefit froom the ease of mind.
Today I looked at a ~100 USD, 4ch, helicopter in a hobby shop that I trust and it;s the next thing I'm buying :))
neodymium v3l03 years ago
first off, like v3l0 said, do not remove the knot. i have modded stuff before and actually made my own knots in it cuz they are so important.
second, i have this specific heli and it works very well stock. this is no heli that needs to modded, and really, if it doesnt come with aftermarket upgrades, it means that it shouldnt be modded. the only thing here that is of any use to people is removing the spring from the throttle, which i did months ago because it makes it harder to fly.
one more point, if you mod something, try to make it possible to un-mod it. like the spring on the throttle, it can be put back. cutting the wires on the led is stupid. unsolder them or something so you can add it back later.
building king (author)  neodymium3 years ago
Okay, first off if you don't want to do the mods you don't have to. I did this on a helicopter that was kinda cheap. I wanted it to go faster and live longer. I din't care about the balance, mostly because it doesn't come very balanced in the first place. If you didn't want to mod your helicopter, I wouldn't recommend going on a helicopter mod instructable. And with the remote, most expensive remotes don't have a spring in them. And I am used to those kind of controllers. And I would have to take apart the whole helicopter to get to the circuit board where the led is attached, and unsolder it there. To resolder it, I would have to solder it back to the board, which would create a risk of burning the board. If you don't want to perform mods, don't tell me why you don't want to. But thanks for leaving a comment!

-Building King