Introduction: Draw a T-bucket Roadster

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Step 1: The Back Wheel

Picture of The Back Wheel

The big wheel on the back is called a slick it has a small hub cap in the middle

Step 2: The "bucket"

Picture of The "bucket"

The bucket is where the passengers and driver sit it also has a very short bed in the back

Step 3: Roof

Picture of Roof

The front windshield can be either straight up and Down or slanted, then the roof goes from the windshield to the end of the door ; then from the windshield to the back of the bucket

Step 4: The Front Wheel

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The front wheel is smaller than the back, and has a big hub cap in the middle or tires with spokes like a bicycle

Step 5: The Engine

Picture of The Engine

The order is as follows engine block, exhaust and heads, transmission, intake, distributor and spark plugs, and then belt assembly

Step 6: Finishing

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To finish put the engine in place and you are done!


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