Introduction: Draw Anime Eyes in MS Paint

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This Instructables all about drawing easy anime eyes. This tutorial is for beginners because the eye doesn't look professional.

Step 1: Eyelids

Picture of Eyelids

Draw the eyelids of the eye. Just two curved lines, really.

Step 2: Make Eye Accesories(eyelashes, Point on End, Etc.)

Picture of Make Eye Accesories(eyelashes, Point on End, Etc.)

Basicly, add eyelashes and points, etc. Nothing special.

Step 3: Start the Iris

Picture of Start the Iris

The inside of the eye. Can be round, tall, big, or small. The whole iris doesn't usually show, except when in fear or excitement. The iris is usually darker than the eye color.

Step 4: Pupil Time

Picture of Pupil Time

Add the pupil. Shouldn't be too big. Just a black oval.

Step 5: Highlights, Baby!

Picture of Highlights, Baby!

Add the shine. Light shiny areas are the key. Do not put highlight everywhere, though. One or two is enough.

Step 6: Shadows

Picture of Shadows

See the part under the top highlights? Shade there lightly. Light, light, light blue or green is good.

Step 7: All Done!

Picture of All Done!

Well, that's it. Hope you had fun drawing with this tutorial. SEE YA!!!


VoxelCraft (author)2017-04-15

you should get a drawing tablet. big advantages from the pen pressure. also lashes aren't really that that long.

olaw101 (author)2015-02-23

It look like a Homestuck characters eye

Theawesomecrafter (author)2012-04-09

Hmm... In MS paint it looks a bit pixelated.
i always work in painttoolsai.

Lazarui (author)2010-05-08

 I love it, i tried the simple one at first then had a go at doing something like the pink eye... except in blue and if i posted it anywhere i would link it to this or you :) you've helped a lot

Kaiven (author)2009-08-17

:o Very nice, very simple.

aznpudding (author)2009-06-17

yeah i see... in the the icon, the lines are smoother..

ScampIs2Cute (author)2009-03-23

I know, preview pic looks better. Hey, no two things are exactly the same. No one is perfect.

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