Step 13: Start making connections

Picture of Start making connections
You might think that you'd use the "wire" command to make connections in your circuit.

However, a wire in EAGLE is just a line; to properly make actual electrical connections, you need to use the "net" command. Nets will automatically form junctions when terminated on pins or other nets; I don't think wires are so nice.

Once you've clicked the NET button, your mouse pointer becomes your drawing tool. Click on a pin (or anywhere, actually), move your mouse somewhere else and you'll see a line. The actual route that the line takes is controlled by the "wire bend" setting for the line, which you can control with your right mouse button. Schematic designers tend to like nice straight lines with right angles.

So first I draw a nice V+ line sort of over the top of the schematic, starting at the top of R1. Next, similar for a ground wire (you don't actually need to connect the GND symbols, they're "magic" in they name the net that connects to them, and all nets of the same name are connected whether you can see lines between them or not.) Then I go wild and connect all the other pins appropriately, either to other pins to to the existing nets. Junctions (big solid dots) should get insterted
mspinks3 years ago
I can't believe I was using the wire command this whole time! This is so much faster! Thank you!
coryjrogers4 years ago
"your mouse pointer BECOMES your drawing tool"
westfw (author)  coryjrogers4 years ago
if you insist!