Picture of Draw MIDI
Draw your own musical keyboard with pencil on paper, using Arduino and capacitance sensing.

Here is a demo and explanation of a finished project:

More on this project (and paper circuits in general) can be seen here at the Science of Music blog.

Step 1: Parts

Minimum supplies:
Arduino Uno
USB cable
Alligator clips
Jumper wires
Graphite pencils
Mac-OSX computer (PCs work too but require more software)

Extra Awesome Supplies
Copper Tape
Adhesive Magnetic Tape
Gaffers tape 
Box for enclosure

Musical Genius Supplies:
MIDI 5-pin DIN and associated wiring
MIDI-USB interface

makeosaurus1 month ago

IS this circuit not grounded?

Cool doge8883 months ago
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Cool doge8883 months ago
Tristan 21043 months ago
eddie.pz6 months ago

Hello, I drew the keys with the graphite and successfully uploaded the sketch onto the arduino uno. I have the patch in Max open but I don't know what to do next. How can I get Max to work with the Arduino?

jvan dalen1 year ago

Hi i like the idea and tried to make it but the arduino displays a lot of noise. Other tutorials sugested an pull-up resistor of 1M, did you use this as well? In one of your pictures i see some resistors but you did not mention them, are they necessary?

Lukkasss1 year ago

What extra-softwares does it requires to work on PC? Can you point that? I'm looking to do it, but I unfortunatelly don't own a Mac...

acepow41 year ago
soroush2441 year ago
بنازم پیا بختیاری
TraciAG1 year ago

I love things like this. Combining my two favorite hobbies, music and electronics!

This is so cool!

rimar20001 year ago

Very interesting.