In contrast to my past mechanical drawings, I am using organic matter for my tutorial. To be honest, I sort of did this to prop for my dragon -- doubling both at the same time when I realized I ought to do something for people needing help with the wings. Then I realized my dragon was hopeless and could only be fixed with a LOT of surgery. In short, I am going to have to make another dragon to make an adequate Instructable.

I will be doing mammal and bird wings later. Reptilian wings are just one of my favorites.

Step 1: Outline and Sketch

Draw the basic outline of your wing, its form an L with an M branching from its head. This M should have elbows on each leg. Fill in the rest of the outline with lines running along the opposite of the scaffolding you drew, placing a round edge at the ends of the wing tips. Where you meet the elbows place a bit of a dent in, and then resume with the usual width you are using.
<p>Dragon wings are supposed to look like a hand and an arm u did it perfect nice job</p>
that looks AWESOME !
Thank you.

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