Picture of Draw Secret ! Everybody Can Draw :)
Easy way to transfer your pic anywhere you like ! I hope you like this .


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Step 1: You need

Picture of You need
You need 4 bottle with water and a big glass.
Fix the glass between bottle as on foto.

Step 2: Picture

Picture of Picture
Take the pic you like to transfer and put it richt from glass.

Step 3: Where you like to transfer.

Picture of Where you like to transfer.
Put the thing where you like to transfer left from glass.

Step 4: You see mirror pic

Picture of You see mirror pic
Look from right said and draw from left said.
lobo_pal6 years ago
Great simple device that anyone can make and use, now if only I can learn to draw good....
reedz lobo_pal6 years ago

not "good"
lobo_pal reedz6 years ago
Well Point, Good made. Well job.
haha WIN!
I since have learned to draw much more gooder.
well thought out directions. thank you for sharing .
Ginchi17305 years ago
Or, if you are right handed, place your picture on the left (make sure your light source is shining on that side as well) and draw on the right while looking from the left.
lawizeg6 years ago
I saw an info-mercial for this YEARS ago. But it was in plastic casing and was only $19.95!
New plasic casing! This will let any one beable to draw well! *In fast tone* only nine payments of 19.95!
or just use this instructable.
please don't. I need to pay bills
DIGI DRAW!!! But way better!
Ha! I have one!
AznPanda6 years ago
kikila7 years ago
the best idea i have seen yet! Thanks a lot for sharing!
i started with this kind of LINE drawings. now, i draw people's portrait... real human faces. this helps, but it is not where one should stop. learn more.
Darkshot7 years ago
doesnt this only work for simple drawings? i mean if you drew a hella complicated drawing and then did this wouldnt it reverse the drawing?
cool. or you can use tracing paper :-\
The advantage to this method is that you can transfer the image to other materials.
just wouldnt work for lettering because ti dluow eb sdrawkcab (it would be backwards)(mirrored)
Kiteman7 years ago
What a simple execution of a camera lucida!

If you're right-handed, just swap everything round.
I like this idea for transferring images! I don't know that it is considered drawing, more like tracing a reflection. But overall I like the idea.