Picture of Draw: SteamPunk
Steam punk designs just look cool, and drawing them isn't too hard, either. This is a quick tutorial on the steam punk design, but you are going to have to do all the drawing -- I won't walk you through on HOW to draw, but how to ENHANCE the drawing via steam punk.

If you make a picture, don't forget to show me! Thanks.

Step 1: Basic Outlines

Picture of Basic Outlines
Start with the basic outline of what you want to punk out. Try to refrain from installing too much detail inside the figure itself. This method helps if you are drawing something big and would rather fill in details via chunks rather than freestyling the entire piece -- that would be used for something smaller and already without any general detail.
Incredibly helpful! I have such a hard time drawing steampunk, especially when it comes down to details.

Oh! Oh! You should draw Samus Aran from Metroid in a cool new Steampunk suit! That would be SO COOL!!!!!

Thergox (author)  claramecium1 year ago

Haha, I suppose I should take your other suggestion and do a Metroid 3 redux between cyberpunk and steampunk.

ot8881 year ago

Wow. Nothing can describe how excited I am to get back to Steampunk. Great way to show us with the Pea Shooter from Plants VS Zombies!

Thergox (author)  ot8881 year ago

Thank you :D

I've always loved steam punk creations now with simple and cool drawing steps
Thergox (author)  ROTTWEILERS 4 EVR1 year ago

Thank you ^_^ Though I probably could have done a bit better explaining the doodads that I tack on. Maybe I'll do that next.

erik lees2 years ago
thank you so much-you give me so much inspiration
Thergox (author)  erik lees2 years ago
Really? ^_^ Glad to hear it!
HMice3 years ago
Nice job. If I get around to it, I shall draw a steampunk Dragon!
Thergox (author)  HMice3 years ago
I can't wait for the results! If you hop on Devian Art, there is a beautifully crafted Steapunk dragon floating around there -- It is certainly worth a look if you are planning on a gargantuan project such as that.
wow. cool
Thergox (author)  susanchen20113 years ago
Moonna3 years ago
Oh... How I wish I could draw like this...
Thergox (author)  Moonna3 years ago
Thank you! I am so happy someone has finally commented on my work! You CAN draw like this, just keep practicing. . . or just draw! Everything you do will only enhance your skills, just never back down from it.

Oh, and, once again, thanks for commenting!
I love steampunk and wish I could draw anything! Your work is lovely. thanks for the post.
Thergox (author)  Lucky Angel3 years ago
Hey, no problem. Thanks for appreciating my work!