Draw a "dojob" Face (Easy Drawing Method)

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Introduction: Draw a "dojob" Face (Easy Drawing Method)

This is an easy drawing method to turn a word into a face in seconds. It was shared with me by a third-grade student named Peter, and he gave me permission to turn it into an instructable to share with you. All drawings are his.

Learning Objective:
After learning this method, students will be able to turn a five-letter word into the drawing of a face.
  1. Write the word "dojob" in all lower case, with a bit of space between the letters, and no dot over the "j."
  2. Draw a curved line below the word connecting the back of the "d" with the line of the "b."
  3. Add a smile below the "j."
  4. Add dots to the "o" eyes.
  5. Add a squiggle to the top, connecting the tops of the "d" and "b." This is the bangs.
  6. Draw a curve over the top for the top of the head.
  7. Add more detail if you like. Otherwise, your face is done!
So simple, only a third grader could have taught us, right?



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    btw... I would love to see your utube video! Can you provide a link, please?

    This is one of the best Utube instructional videos I've ever seen.

    Beautiful work, Susan... absolutely 1st Class!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    I'm flattered. Thanks much for the compliments!

    How CLEVER! I didn't learn this in 3rd grade... or ever ... until now. ;-)

    Thank you!!