Step 8: What happened to our bowling ball and pin?

Picture of What happened to our bowling ball and pin?
At this point you can get rid of all that remains of our bowling ball. You're done with the sports imagery and you should now have a 3/4 profile of a bald human-ish head. I say "human-ish" because manga characters aren't typically the model of perfection when it comes to the human anatomy. So, if you're looking at your image and it looks kind of freakish ... don't panic. This is normal and I doubt that you could make many mistakes up to this point.

If for some reason you don't agree with me, it would be perfectly acceptable to throw your image away (eh ... I mean "throw it in the recycling bin") and restart over at step 2. Practice until you've come to a point where you think it sort of looks like a head. Then you can confidently continue onto the next steps where we'll be adding some human-ish features to our human-ish head.