This instructable will show you how to make quick and easy blank comic panel pages. I recently began introducing my son to comics, starting with the Sunday newspaper classics. He loves drawing and would probably sit and draw all day long. We started making these blank pages with panels so he could make his own comics and he loves it!

Step 1: Materials

There are only a few materials required for this and they are pretty common items. 
Paper- any blank paper will work. We used 8.5x11.
Pencil and Marker
Copy machine- not required, but helpful.
i love the ideea!!:)
Hmm, you have an architect's scale, you should have broke out the t-square and triangles while you were at it. Keep those lines vertical and straight. I usually use the architects scale or whatever ruler/straightedge width to box around the edges of the paper. It gives a nice border to work with and makes it look more like a comic strip.
That's a good idea. I was thinking of leaving an edge of the page open for binding later. Thanks for your comment.

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