Step 10: Use it!

How to use!

The Drawdio is simple to use. Simply grip the pencil in one hand so that you're making good contact with the copper tape. Then draw a circle on the paper and touch it using a finger from the other hand

This allows your body to act as the sensor. The voltage is very low (about 1 volt) which is very safe. As long as you stick to the single battery, there are no health risks.

Choosing a pencil

The 'softness' of the pencil lead will affect how thick the drawn lines are and thus the sound of the pencil. Experiment with hard and soft leads as well as sharpening or blunting the point to see how that affects the drawdio sound

Mechanical pencils also work well. However, you may have to put an insulative layer (like packing tape) on the lower section of the pencil if the body is completely metallic.

Inspirational videos

And some from happy & noisy customers!

Ideas for experimentation

  • Try different kinds of paper, and pencils
  • Place a copper coin (like a penny!) on the drawing and use that to make contact with the graphite - it will make the surface area larger and reduce the resistance of the drawing
  • Hold hands with someone and 'draw' on their skin with the pencil
  • Wash and lightly dry your hands to make them a little more wet than usual, this will also affect the pitch