Picture of Drawer Shelving Unit
cl shelves.JPG
I needed space in my garage with no budget and only things I needed organized or out. I decided to use an unwanted chest of drawers to make a shelf.

First, I painted the wall a contrasting yellow. Than I got to work on the self.

You'll need:

Draw/ or any premade squares
dry wall screws/ wood screws (evaluate your needs)
bracket ( depending on wall) This wall had an off center beam so I secured it twice.
Paint (optional)

I see a clear work bench soon!

Step 1: Drawer

Picture of Drawer
I love this drawer because it is real wood, great art deco madallion on front and dove tail joints. 
foobear4 years ago
oh that is so clever! like it
As soon as I have a junky dresser just lying around, they're as good as shelves.
badart (author) 4 years ago