Picture of Drawing A Eye Ball Flower monster
Using Auto Desk Sketch Book pro version 5, I was able to create a simple eye ball flower monster. Using techniques that I have learned from my own experience and watching others, i will be teaching you my process of making the eyeball monster. things to have are either a tablet with auto desk on it or a drawing tablet for your Pc/mac.

Step 1: Planning.

Picture of Planning.
That's right, ever drawing or piece of art starts with a blank where you plan out space and come up with an idea. For me i deiced i wanted an eye ball flower so using my  

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Erasing to make nice lines was very clever. I've never thought of that before :D
Yeah i have a very old and cheap tablet so its really hard to get nice lines in auotdesk plus you can take a quick shadow the came from an idea into line art in moments.