Picture of Drawing A Eye Ball Flower monster
Using Auto Desk Sketch Book pro version 5, I was able to create a simple eye ball flower monster. Using techniques that I have learned from my own experience and watching others, i will be teaching you my process of making the eyeball monster. things to have are either a tablet with auto desk on it or a drawing tablet for your Pc/mac.
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Step 1: Planning.

Picture of Planning.
That's right, ever drawing or piece of art starts with a blank where you plan out space and come up with an idea. For me i deiced i wanted an eye ball flower so using my  

How To Draw Evil Creature Concept Art .

Step 2: The Shape

Picture of The Shape
Dwm 2012-09-21 00-06-37-70.jpg
Dwm 2012-09-21 00-07-16-48.jpg
Dwm 2012-09-21 00-31-13-18.jpg
Slowly using the default paint brush and the default eraser i began to imagine the shape of my creature and eyeball flower. It's kinda like using construction lines with normal drawing. However the difference between using guide lines from sketching to do line art and making a shape "shadow" is that the shape can be given quick form and depth then shown in a shorter time then a guide line drawing. 
  • First I drew the blob
  • Then I made a duplicate layer 
  • Then I hide the original 

Step 3: Shape to line work.

Picture of Shape to line work.
Dwm 2012-09-21 01-47-22-89.jpg
Dwm 2012-09-21 01-46-13-36.jpg
Dwm 2012-09-21 14-27-40-13.jpg
Dwm 2012-09-21 15-42-12-05.jpg
I find the lack of control I have on lines in sketch book pro make it hard for me to do line art work ( I'm use to the pen tool in Photoshop for line art). However, i got around that buy using the eraser tool to "crave" out the inside of the shape to leave the line art and giving the lines a bit of jitter.
  • use the erase tool
  • slowly figure out where the edges are 
  • when finished make a duplicate and hid the original 
Erasing to make nice lines was very clever. I've never thought of that before :D
Yeah i have a very old and cheap tablet so its really hard to get nice lines in auotdesk plus you can take a quick shadow the came from an idea into line art in moments.