Introduction: Drawing an Animea Girl

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This is my first instructable, it's morning, so I wanted to keep things simple. So I hope you enjoy! You will need: Paper Pencil So grab your things and lets get started

Step 2: How to Draw Animea Girl

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First, as seen in the picture above, draw a head.

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Now as you see, I drew the arm outline.

Step 4:

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Coming off of the arm outline, draw the hands. 5 Ingres each:)

Step 5:

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Now, coming off from the hands, you will see the arm shape. (My arms aren't perfect)

Step 6:

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I started going into a strapless top. To do that, just make kind of a heart as I did in the picture!

Step 7:

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Now, just draw some pants or a skirt. I prefer pants, but you may like to do a skirt.

Step 8:

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Now time for the tricky part... The hair and face!! For the first part of the hair, do kinda what I did in the picture. U can really do ants type, I just wanted to do the easiest one i could think of.

Step 9:

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Now draw a half circle, as I did in the picture, so the head has more of a shape:)

Step 10:

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Now, draw a pointy tail. (Or hair down) oy may now start shading hair in. Bows and barrettes are optional.

Step 11:

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EYES! I started out with a half circle on the left side. In the next 2 steps it will be an eye.

Step 12:

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Draw a sirt of rectangle shape like I did, then another half circle at the bottom.

Step 13:

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Last step... For the eyes! Draw one circle in the top left corner and at the bottom one circle in the right corner. Then, fill in black AROUND the circles, not in the circles.

Step 14:

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Draw a smile:)

Step 15:

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Now lastly, draw the legs and shoes. YAY!! You may add jewelry.

Step 16:

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I hope you enjoyed! FYI I'm not the best drawer! Thanks!!


emeraldrox (author)2013-08-15

Sorry I wrote alott of "in the picture above".sorry about that

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