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Step 1: Spawn

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This is a hero from hell who is like venom but more badass First draw a strong human outline Next you will draw the face and all he white things on his body Also you now will go over the body you drew with a pen right now and then shade the other parts in with a black colored pencil

Step 2: Psycho Mantis

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He is a psycho who is an experiment and can make things around him levitate. 1.first draw the gas mask,head,and neck 2.also draw the arms body and the straps on the chest 3.draw the legs and hands now 4.draw the stitches on the head and color the body a black with color pencil and color the skin a peach

Step 3: Snake Eyes

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I don't know how to draw this yet but I will update it when I learn how to draw this

Step 4: Dead Space

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1.draw the gun and arm 2.draw the helmet and feet draw the outline of the figure 4.add the little details

Step 5: Mine Craft Landscape

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1.first you draw the outline of the landscape 2.add the house as a cube 3.add the inner dimensions or where the blocks fall off 4. Add the mine and trees also clouds 5.add color and details to the landscape and the house *EXTRA*-you can add lava,water,and any ores

Step 6: Zombie Chasing Steve

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This was a free draw so I don't recall how to draw this I up loaded it to the Internet


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