Drawing Harry Potter

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Introduction: Drawing Harry Potter

Hello. Today we are going to draw Harry Potter, the Boy who Lived.

Step 1: Outline

First, let's start off with the outline of his head.

Step 2: Features

Now let's add his glasses, ears, nose, eyes, and mouth. Try to make the circles of his eyes proportionate.

Step 3: Eyes

Add two dots in to represent the eyes.

Step 4: Eyebrows and Chin

Color lips and apply lip outline under it lightly. Add eyebrows, with medium pressure.

Step 5: Scar and Skin Tones

Add the scar in a dark shade, add the facial tones to make his cheeks pop out.

Step 6: Hair

Make an outline of his hair. This way you can picture what it will look like.

Step 7: Coloring Hair and Darkening Features

Make quick light strokes downward in hair. Leave a white spot at the to middle of hair to represent the light going on his hair. Than darken one features, like nose.

Step 8: Completion

Great job! You are done. You have drawn Harry Potter, so feel free to do whatever you like with it.



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    Very clear and simple step-by-step instructions! Thanks!

    Hey at least this person has the guts to put this out there, this person wanted to show us how to draw harry potter! and he/she did. so put your insults somewhere else and leave, this is awesome btw

    That's not Harry Potter

    Probably just some 8 year old. Don't be so critical