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Fixing my drawing incapability with my robotics skills and to me results were not that bad. Now I can at least save my self from humiliation in my drawing class.

This project is good for beginners and gives sufficient exposure to arduino, matlab coding and mechanics. There is not much in the electronics department. The bot is a basic 2DOF arm with a pen manipulator. This project involves application of inverse kinematics and canny edge detection.

Step 1: Parts, Tools and Software Required

1. Mechanical

  • Mechanix kit
  • Nut and bolts
  • Pen Holder (Clothespin)
  • 2X Caster wheels

2. Electronics

  • Arduino uno
  • PCB or Bread board
  • Power Supply (5V adapter with 2A current)
  • USB Cable

3. Servo Motors

4. Tools

  • Soldering Iron
  • Soldering Wire
  • Screw driver
  • Drilling Machine

5. Software

Above links are for India, so you can find this stuff with your local retailer easily.

You can take any servos with torque greater than 7Kg.cm and for bread board users soldering iron and wire are not required.

Given matlab code is correct or wrong
<p>Give me code with everyone</p>
The pen holder roate 180 degree and then there is an error in matlab por t and arduino port tell plz send code to my gmail<br>
Hey bro..NYC prjct..My servo holding the pen is rotating 360 degree and making pen move jn circles.how to crct it..And what version of MATLAB is necessary for this project?
My third servo which is holding the pen is rotating 360 degrees and hence it is not able to draw..And also what version of MATLAB is compatible?
<p>I had no Errors in running the code, and the mechanical design i have done is the same as mentioned, but the servos do crazy things and the drawn picture is comletely wrong.</p>
<p>Hello, Lakshay, I need your help. I gathered this project, but accuracy of picture is very far from original image. I ve tried to do it in Matlab 2015a firstly. Then i installed matlab 2012a but it didnt give results. Please, help me, I really want to finish this project.</p>
<p>here is what i have got. how to proceed now?</p>
Hey can you send me your email address I have lots of related to this project and I have to complete is soon... Please
<p>I can not download the io pack . it says the page not found or moved. what shoul i do?</p>
<p>Very cool! Thanks for sharing this!</p>
<p>glad you liked it.</p>
<p>how much does the aurdino uno</p><p>cost</p>
<p>it is just 6 to 7 bucks</p>
<p>you can get it for 5$<br>p.s not original, but everything is the same</p>
how have you obtained the inverse kinematics equation from the above 2 equations I tried to solve by hand but I couldn't get the answer correct
<p>what should be provided to audrino to start sketching and how the sketch is made....plzzzzz i m willing to make one so can any one guide me plzzzzz</p>
Pls what size of caster wheels should I use
<p>can we use 3 kg.cm servos</p>
<p>getting these errors...</p><p>Error using serial/fwrite (line 199)</p><p>Unsuccessful write: An error occurred during writing.</p><p>Error in arduino/servoRead (line 1109)</p><p> fwrite(a.aser,[55 97+pin],'uchar');</p><p>Error in finaldraw (line 29)</p><p>E=servoRead(a,9);</p><p>Please help me out..</p>
<p>Hi Lakshay. Can you please elaborate on the initial position of the servos and the calibrations required?? Its a brilliant project.Thank you</p>
<p>Brilliant. Thank you for sharing :)</p>
<p>how to make without MATLAB</p>
Hello author.. Can u add comments to the MATLAB code please.. I need it ASAP
<p>Hai,</p><p>Beautiful project thank you that you want to share this with us</p><p>I have a question, can I use Freemat instead of Matlab and how to use</p><p>Kind Regards</p>
<p>THE ROBOT IS NOT WORKING!!</p><p>I had no Errors in running the code, and the mechanical design i have done is the same as mentioned, but the servos do crazy things and the drawn picture is comletely wrong.</p><p>i have checked the servo connections and tested the angels and found it right( i used Emma photo!)</p><p>I have tested the robot with another pictures the same problem, nothing drawing right!</p><p>a strange thing happend while I'm testing my robot, I have tested the robot with picture have a single line as a test. the robot draw a line; not perfectly straight but its good! </p><p>have any idea of the program!?</p>
<p>Attempting connection .............</p><p>Analog &amp; Digital I/O + Encoders + Servos (adioes.pde) sketch detected !</p><p>Arduino successfully connected !</p><p>Matlab stay at this point. Please help. What do i need to do next?</p>
<p>Guys,you can search a 4 in 1 drawing robot kit named mDrawbot from MakeBlock! it can be assembled into 4 different configuration drawing robots: <strong>mScara, mSpider, mEggBot and mCar</strong>.</p><p><a href="http://www.makeblock.cc/mdrawbot-kit/" rel="nofollow">http://www.makeblock.cc/mdrawbot-kit/</a></p>
<p>could you elaborate on the inverse kinematics equations? I built an arm with slightly different setup and I'm trying to figure out how to adapt your code to work with it, but I don't really get where the 800 in the code comes from or the other numbers</p>
<p>??? Undefined variable &quot;vision&quot; or class &quot;vision.CascadeObjectDetector&quot;.</p><p>Error in ==&gt; FINAL at 5</p><p>EyeDetect = vision.CascadeObjectDetector('EyePairBig');</p><p>how to fix it</p>
<p>go for matlab R2013a . .. </p>
<p>I have the same error, Did you find a solution to fix it ?</p>
<p>Great project. Cheap and cheerful.</p>
<p>I just cannot interface arduino with matlab. checked all ports , everyhing.. did all you said but it just doesn't work... help me please</p>
<p>hay budy can you found a way to solve this problem</p>
<p>Hi, the face detection is amazing, but i'm having errors while trying to execute finaldraw. It seems there's something wrong with the servo angle?<br><br>Error using arduino/servoWrite (line 1149)</p><p>Unallowed value for angle, the value must be an integer going from 0 to 180</p><p>Error in draw&gt;servoAngle (line 66)</p><p> servoWrite(a,p,E-i+n);</p><p>Error in draw&gt;reach (line 26)</p><p>servoAngle(a,9,180-p);</p><p>Error in draw (line 3)</p><p> reach(a,m,n,size(I));</p><p>Error in finaldraw (line 36)</p><p> I=draw(a,I,p,t);</p>
<p>you have to replace the arduino.m file in your matlab directory with the one I have uploaded and upload the sketch adioes.ino THAT I HAVE UPLOADED. then it will not give that error.</p>
<p>hay can you help me to get out of following problems please.....</p><p>(1)Matlab Error in draw.m is</p><p>Error in ==&gt; draw at 2</p><p>if</p><p>I(m-1,n-1)==1||I(m,n-1)==1||I(m-1,n)==1||I(m+1,n-1)==1||I(m-1,n+1)==1||I(m,n+1)==1||I(m+1,n)==1||I(m+1,n+1)==1</p><p>(2)error in finaldraw is</p><p>Error in ==&gt; FINAL at 5</p><p>EyeDetect = vision.CascadeObjectDetector('EyePairBig');</p>
<p>I'm a drawing master lol</p>
<p>i already draw good</p>
<p>hello friends , can we use a normal servo having torque 7 kg.cm instead of a dual ball bearing servo ???? plzz answer soon...</p>
<p>yes you can</p>
<p>where are you admin??? plzz do reply soon...</p>
<p>Matlab Error in draw.m is</p><p>Error in ==&gt; draw at 2</p><p>if</p><p>I(m-1,n-1)==1||I(m,n-1)==1||I(m-1,n)==1||I(m+1,n-1)==1||I(m-1,n+1)==1||I(m,n+1)==1||I(m+1,n)==1||I(m+1,n+1)==1 </p>
<p>Hey..!! </p><p>did you work this out?</p><p>mine is showing the same error currently. Did you fix it?</p><p>please tell me how.</p>
<p>error in finaldraw is</p><p>Error in ==&gt; FINAL at 5</p><p>EyeDetect = vision.CascadeObjectDetector('EyePairBig');</p>

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