Introduction: Drawing the Instructable Robot

Picture of Drawing the Instructable Robot

Step 1: What U Need

Picture of What U Need

U need a sketch pad or paper, pencil and eraser, and red and yellow color pencils

Step 2: First!!!

Picture of First!!!

Go to a blank peice of paper and draw a box 4 his head

And then add the side if his head

Step 3: Next

Picture of Next

Add the body, the arms, legs, feet/wheels, and 3 fingers

Step 4: Details

Picture of Details

Add details to his whole body

Step 5: Color

Picture of Color

Now color him yellow make his body darker than the head, legs, and arms

Leave his fingers white
And his wheels/ feet gray

Then put red in his eyes and ears

Step 6: Done!!!

Picture of Done!!!

Your done now

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JennaJMac (author)2015-08-06

This is so cute!

craftclarity (author)2014-06-05


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