Picture of Drawing a Vampire Wolf
I am going to show you a step by step of how to create a vampire wolf in a pumpkin field using Sketchbook on the iPad. This drawing would probably be intermediate. 
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Step 1: Sketching

Picture of Sketching
photo (1).PNG
To begin your drawing, you first need to sketch out your wolf. Select the brush drawing tool and decrease the size and at  100% opacity. Choose the color red and then roughly begin sketching. Make sure that the sketch isn't too rough though, or you won't be able to tell what lines to trace later on. Make sure that your wolf has longer fangs like vampire fangs. Also be sure that the fangs stick out at the corners of the mouth rather than the front. If you need to, look at a picture of a wolf, anime preferably, so that you can see how the legs are and the muzzle. Anime is easier to look at for drawings like this because there isn't fur in the way of the important lines.

Step 2: Tracing

Keeping the size and opacity of your brush, change the color to black and make a new layer. On the new layer, begin to trace over your lines from the sketch.Make sure the new layer is above your sketch layer.  This time, you want to be more detailed because this is the lineart of your wolf. Once you have finished, delete the sketch layer.