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Hello everyone back again with a tutorial on drawing a zombie.

It is always difficult to create a full-body animation or drawings since body anatomy plays a major role. One must be careful in maintaining the body shape else it will be awkward. In case of zombies it is not the fact because zombies(walking dead) does not have the perfect body anatomy so we are free to modify the shapes. It will be a problem if the zombies have good body shape.

In this current tutorial a brief introduction will be provided on creating zombies.

Step 1: The Main Features

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In my previous instructables I have informed about the basic requirements for a zombie animation, I would like to highlight it here again.

1. Blood (Splatter, drops)

2. Body flesh

3. Thin body

4. Torn clothes

If the above points are followed while drawing, it will be fair enough to create a zombie drawing.

In first picture you could see some object being pierced into the shoulder, brain flesh and shoulder bone being visible. This alone is not enough if you see this picture with out blood splatters it wont give a effective or violent or horror look, so adding blood at appropriate places is of prime importance. It is like adding more beauty(detail) to your art.

In second picture I have covered 2nd and 4th point, where you could see body flesh oozing out and cloth being torn. In third picture I have even showed one of the hand and neck being twisted and the other hand being cut, these anatomy variations produces interesting zombie styles.

In current tutorial I have showed you three different zombie faces and body styles, try to make more modifications and create your own zombies. Meet you all in my next tut where an animation of a man being surrounded by 30+ zombies.


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