This is my first time using wacom to draw a panda.
It may not be the best result to achieve here, but.. as we say: Drawing is a subjective matter, it 
reflect to personal drawing style.
In this piece of my drawing, I have taken a few hours to complete it. 
Hereby, showing you the simple steps to draw the panda. Enjoy ! :]
<p>Hello,</p><p>Your drawing is amazing,Really I was enjoying.Panda looks like a bear with black &amp; white color,they are very cute in cartoons and in reality,they look really nice and cuddly and very short span you have created an amazing panda.Keep it up. </p>
I hope you guys enjoy my drawing. This is one of my favorite collection. <br>And I wish you could get me some feedback or comments for my reference. :] <br>Good Day

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