Step 1:

Draw a half oval, like your drawing a smile.

Step 2:

Add another on top.

Step 3:

Add a circle inside of the oval.

Step 4:

Draw a smaller circle inside that circle.

Step 5:

Add little lines on top of the oval for eyelashes.

Step 6:

Shade in the smallest circle really dark. It must be very dark.

Step 7:

Shade in the circle. Done!
Umm all I have to say is horrible sorry but you don't post an instructable like that! Ugh that is some stupid drawing<br>
<p>Super agreed</p><p>But HOW DOES IT GET 470 VIEWS, JUST HOW AND WHY</p>
<p>Thanks, this was very helpful(!) X'D</p>
I know right!
Is this a joke?

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