Picture of Drawing on Canvas Shoes Guide
Well, I don't really have much of a back story here other than I accidentally washed white shoes with black shoes and they gave birth to a Frankenstein pile of garbage. Now these are old school canvas shoes that I had bought at Wal-Mart about two years ago. If my memory serves me correctly I think they were $10. But anyways, the shoes were badly damaged and I knew for a fact I wouldn't wear them in that condition. So I figure with a little bit of know how and some basic material I could have a potentially epic pair of shoes here. So here is what I bought and what you will need if you are planning on tackling your own canvas shoes. 


1x Pair of Canvas Shoes (Mine had no laces thus making a larger working canvas but any canvas shoe will work) 
1x Pack of non-washable permanent markers (I personally used a multi-color pack of Bic markers from Wal-Mart $7)
1x Can of "Water Proofing" spray (I obtained a great deal at shoe show in my local mall for about $6 -- SOFSOLE SILICONE WATER PROOFER)

Now like I said my shoes were damaged badly so I don't know how long the overall shoe will last me but my first step was to wash/bleach them to a clean surface. (This took me about 3 good times because again, they were almost black.) If you just bought the shoes you won't need to do this but if you have wore them several times outside or for yard work you might want to go ahead and clean them just so that when you start the design process you will have a clean slate free of chemicals or oils. 
Thanks for the GREAT instructable!
Made these a few years back!
I use acrylic paint, won't bleed either...
IMG_1222.JPGlexi shoe 02.jpgviking shoes.jpg
TylerBaker (author)  Greasetattoo2 years ago
I was debating going for the acrylic but I am fairly new to the "painting" world and don't really know the extent of my skills. I was hoping to get a more finer line with the markers so I could apply detail but it didn't work so well :D lolol. Those shoes are excellent!
Well, your on the right track..
What I do, is paint in acrylic then spray them with some sealer, like Sofsole spray, then, take your sharpie and do all the outline. That way, you wont get the bleeding effect!
The Rambler2 years ago
Nice. My wife made a pair of Voltron shoes using those same Walmart canvas shoes but paint instead of markers.. They came out really well. The paint is nice because it doesn't bleed, but it can crack over time even if you mix it with a fabric medium. The markers are cool since they soak into the fabric and are more flexible. We'll have to look into those for the next pair. Also we'll have to find that SOFSOLE spray.
TylerBaker (author)  The Rambler2 years ago
Hey thanks for checking it out! Voltron shoes sound pretty epic. Yea, I have been wearing these in the rain here and honestly that SOFSOLE spray is AMAZING! no more water gets in my shoes yet I still feel the breathability (if that's a word hahaha) but yes, I highly recommend it. I have sofsole sprayed all my shoes now.
fantastic idea love to wear things no one else has, :)
TylerBaker (author)  Pixie Puddle2 years ago
Thanks Pixie! :) I must agree, I love to be unique :)
Hiyadudez2 years ago
Those are cool! Nice drawings too :P

5* and subbed my friend.
TylerBaker (author)  Hiyadudez2 years ago
Thanks bud!!!
PeckLauros2 years ago
5* too!