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Couching is a sewing technique where thread, fabric or yarn is attached to a piece of fabric. It's traditionally sewn by hand but a machine with a zig zag stitch can be used.

In this Instructable I share an easy way to do couching with yarn using a sewing machine.

I also provide additional information to make a simple and unique couched quilt.
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Step 1: Materials

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For the couching you need:
Fabric to sew the yarn to*
Thread the same color as the yarn
Washable pen
Washable school glue
sewing machine

If you want to make the quilt project, you will also need:
Thin, cotton batting
Fabric for the back of the quilt
Spray quilt basting***

*I used an old bed sheet. Be sure to choose fabric without a bold pattern and with enough contrast with your yarn. Something light colored is probably best. Cotton fabric works well but I used a poly/cotton blend. Be sure to prewash.

**I found the yarn I used at a thrift store so I don't have information about it but I believe it is an acrylic and it is thicker than the usual, cheap craft yarn. I recommend a synthetic yarn so you can wash the project without worrying about shrinking. If anyone can tell from the photo the weight of the yarn I used please leave a comment!

***Spray quilt basting can be purchased at a fabric store. It works like spray glue but it washes out. This is a must because it would be a giant pain to baste this quilt well enough to do the couching.
Couching is a great craft in itself and you can make some wonderful ornaments with various threads and cords and gold tinsel thread. I once had a satin horse with the seams done in red cord stitched with gold threads. Very beautifully done. Even the tail was made of the red cord . Its also incorporated into tapestry style pictures. Thanks for inspiring us to try more crafts.
Criket4 years ago
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mdhaworth (author)  Criket4 years ago
Hi Criket--
The contest instructions clearly state that glue/adhesive must be used but it need not be a gorilla product. If you read this instructable you'll see that glue is an essential part of the process although I'm not sure why it matters so much to you.

katgal4 years ago
Really love this effect, it reminds me of a 3d line drawing. Have you done any with colours placed inside the the spaces?
mdhaworth (author)  katgal4 years ago
katgal--thanks for the nice feedback. I am considering doing another one with color inside. I would applique the fabric shape to make the patch of color first and then do the couching around it. Have fun!
ChrysN4 years ago
Nice, I'm just staring on a quilted wall hanging this technique will be a great addition. Thanks for posting.