This design will show you how to design your own superhero and make it into a comic. It is a very long process and takes a lot of work. This instructable will give you ideas for masks, capes, costumes and more. It will also tell you how to get a storyline and how to put it all together. Drawing comics is a hobby of mine and hopefully this will help your superhero come alive!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Obviously you will need a writing instrument and paper. Here are some other optional tools.
- Ruler
- Brush*
- Eraser
- Nib pen*
- Mechanical pencil (personal favorite)
- Pen
- Computer**

*These tools might make a mess
**I have no idea how to use and will not talk about that in this instructable

Step 2: Starting your superhero

Picture of Starting your superhero
To start you need to decide what your superhero's colors (usually 1 or 2) and symbol. You must also get a setting. Is it the real world, or another dimension? Is it outerspace or underground? This will define the storyline, costume and villains. If they're in outerspace they might wear a robot suit or a mask at least. If they are underground they might have a helmet and a miner lamp. You must also choose a superpower, this will also define their costume.

Step 3: Costume

Your costume will be based on their colors and symbol. First off is the mask. Will it be a full mask, a helmet, a half mask, a Zorro-style mask or no mask at all. The next is the body. Will it be a robot suit, a robe, a regular superhero body, or no shirt at all. Next is the pants. Will they be long or shorts, baggy or skintight or no pants a... never mind. Will there be a cape, or any other articles of clothing. Make sure to add the colors and symbol on them. 

Step 4: Villian

Picture of Villian
The villian should be someone the superhero knows (example: spiderman 2) They will probably have some weapon/bomb to do their evil deeds. It is basically the same costume as a superhero but with darker colors like black and red.
caitlinsdad3 years ago
I would rather see the principles described on how it applied to your work. C'mon, lets see your superhero creation!
sub893 (author)  caitlinsdad3 years ago
I dont have a camera. sorry:(