Drawn thread open work is a decorative patterning process for use on woven fabric or garments. It was popular as a border on blouses circa WW1, and is great for embellishing denim jackets, shorts, or jeans. It consists of removing threads in one direction within a specific area and sewing the open ends to prevent raveling, and sewing the remaining threads to create a pattern. Works best on linear designs, although rounded designs can be done as you become more adept.

Step 1: Supplies and Set Up

You will need to decide on a pattern, and draw it out. Beginners should leave at least a half inch between elements of the pattern.

You will need a woven fabric, I suggest linen or old denim as a beginners sampler to learn how, thread to match or contrast, a needle, an embroidery hoop, and small sharp sewing scissors, a sharpie or other marker to transfer your pattern to the fabric.

Place the fabric in the embroidery hoop, face up, and pull tight, keeping grain(the way the threads run) of the fabric as straight as possible

Use the marker to draw the patten on the back side of fabric.
Thank you, it only works on worn spots if the thread in one direction is still strong. The part that I find takes longest is pulling the threads you don't want, the sewing goes pretty fast. Be sure to plan out your design first. Good luck with the project!
about how long did it take you to do the long one? I have some really comfy jeans that I love but they have worn out spots similar to these.I was just wondering if this would work to fix them. Thanks for the info,great illustrations.Good job !

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