Picture of Drawstring Backpack
This is a great little backpack/sack that draws closed at the top.

The original pattern for this backpack is here: http://www.creativeneedlemag.com/feature/feature1ja00.html but the instructions were so unclear I made an instructable. It's a great project but doesn't make sense the way it's written.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
(directly from the original pattern)
5/8 yd. fabric (bag)
1/2 yd. lining fabric

Cut one piece of fabric 14" x 36" for bag. Cut two straps 2 1/2" x 33". Cut two pieces for bag lining 14" x 15 1/2".

aprilq11112 years ago
This makes such a cute bag! I had such a hard time wrapping my head around step 4, but once I got it, things came together perfectly! After sewing the lining to the outer fabric (along top edges only) in step 3, open the whole piece and lay it out flat. You will see: short lining/seam/ long outer/seam/short lining. THEN when you fold it in half (beginning of step 4), the linings will meet (right sides in) and the outer fabric will meet (right side in). Somehow I just did not get that from the photos. But awesome instructable, I know I'll end up making these for all my nieces!
CB95283 years ago
This looks awesome! Just wondering though, i get a bit lost starting at the 2nd half of step 4. Could you please elaborate on the remaining steps for me? Sorry, its just i tried to access the original pattern, but the site isn't accessible. Anyway, THANK YOU! sorry for the confusion :)
Annette M6 years ago
Thank you so much for this great bag! I found the directions and pictures very clear. I had found something similar elsewhere on the web, but I just couldn't "get it." This was perfect. Now that I have the idea, I can't wait to make more. My sons want overnight bags for sleepovers and I have some cute sari material that I will make into a small purse. Thank you so much for this! Very nice job!
I made the bag today, for my little girl. she loves it and as its only my second sewing project I'm really proud. I did cheat slightly though, I didn't use a lining. Its only a P.E kit bag and will be smelly and muddy in no time! Great Instructable, the practical ones are the best for me.
dsosborn96 years ago
I think I got it! As a newbie sewer, I didn't understand that you fold it all the way in half, instead of just folding it at the seams. Once I did that, it all worked together very nicely.
dsosborn96 years ago
I'm guessing you sew up the whole after you turn it through. I didn't understand about the outer fabric turning in, and then realized that it was naturally where the seam already was. I think it's all coming together now! I'm getting excited!
dsosborn96 years ago
What about the part in the middle? If the original fabric is 36 inches, and the 2 lining blocks are 15 1/2 inches each, you'll have four left over. Is that right? Should I match them in the middle and leave 2 inches on each end? Or sew them to the ends and leave the middle bare? Am I just sewing the ends, or the sides, too? I apologize for the simple questions - I'm a new seamstress. Thanks!
crazyq8 years ago
cool bag! I will probably make several for my freinds. Thanks.
ejay8 years ago
I just wanted to thank you for clearing up the original pattern for me. I found it a couple of days ago and could not figure it out at all. I was searching for another pattern and found yours. Your instructions helped.
evy-wevy8 years ago