Dreadband, Hairband, Knit,Scrunchy



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Introduction: Dreadband, Hairband, Knit,Scrunchy

 What you need: Dpns, 3,5 mm or 3mm, Scraps of sockyarn, 6 ply or 4 ply, elastic band,
darning needle, safety pin
Cast on 9 stitches, if you are using 3,5 mm needles and 6 ply yarn. Cast on 11 stitches, if you
are using 3 mm needles and 4 ply yarn. Distribute stitches on three needles and join to the
round. Knit until piece measures 8,5 inches for big Dreadband and 7 inches for small
Dreadband. Cast off.
For big Dreadband cut a 7 inch piece of elastic, for small a 6,5 inch piece. The elastic should
be ½ inch broad. With safety pin thread elastic through knitted tube. Push tube to the middle
of the elastic and overlap the ends of the elastic band, sew firmly together. Push knitted tube
over the whole length of the elastic circle and sew the ends of the knitted tube together.



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